Monday, 22 September 2014

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The #NOTplaying Podcast #46 - Microsoft buys Minecraft, new iPhones & new release dates for Arkham Knight & GTAV!

In what might possibly be one of the biggest gaming stories of 2014, Microsoft have shelled out $2.5 billion for the swedish developers of Minecraft, Mojang, with Notch washing his hands of it entirely. We speculate what this might mean for the company and it’s flagship game which has arguably defined an entire generation. There’s also some follow-up conversation on the Samsung Gear VR and those new iPhones you may have heard came out the other day. All this and lots more on this extra-pixelly #NOTplaying Podcast.

M$ buys Minecraft (inc. Minecraft now on PS4 & Xbox One)


Oculus Consumer Rift next year (maybe)

New iPhones

Elite Dangerous - final release price announced

Project Cars Release Date

Arkham Knight delayed til June

GTA Next Gen Release Date/PC Delay

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