Thursday, 4 September 2014

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The #NOTwatching Podcast #25 - The Strain, Utopia & Hemlock Grove

So this TV-centric episode was recorded so hilariously long ago that the 2014 Emmy winners were actually announced ahead of our stunningly accurate(ish) predictions. We also talk about Guillermo Del Toro and FX's refreshingly gruesome take on the Vampire genre, The Strain (which believe it or not is one show we might all be on the same page for), the surprisingly awesome home-export conspiracy thriller, Utopia and a whole bunch of new and returning shows that aired over the summer. It's all about TV this week on another jam-packed #NOTwatching Podcast!

Emmy Nominees

Better Call Saul

The Strain

The Last Ship



Happy Valley


Monty Python's final O2 Show

Hemlock Grove

The Shield


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Iain @ebowgb
Jon @wobblyjon

Production by Jon Marson

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