Friday, 12 September 2014

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The time I Hijacked a Radio show.....

I Kind of Hijacked a Radio show once, and it was an experience to podcast. Thanks to the help, it helped prepare me for what is yet to come...

So, Some of you may or may not know that the past few months I have been busy getting involved with a Local Community Radio station named "Chelmsford Community Radio" AKA #CCR! This has taken over some of my website duties and even podcast duties, BUT it is all worth it and I needed time to sort some exciting things out regarding the future of the station and my role within.

So, I decided that for a special filler episode of the #NOTlistening Podcast I would share a special "Hijacking" type show I recorded with a fellow presenter. I was given the opportunity to cover the Drivetime Show one Friday afternoon, so I jumped at this and grabbed Natalie, a fellow presenter, to join me "Hijack" the show in my own unique way.

This show then descended into Weird News, Witty chat about cheesy music, A tribute to the Late Robin Williams, Discussions about Giant Penguins and much much more. Obviously the show was 3 hours long, so I edited it down to just over an hour and took much of the music out.

This was a taster of more shows I will be doing on #CCR in the future, as well as continuing with "The Really Reel Show" on my Saturday Night slot.

Anyway, I'll explain more about that in a future post, in the meantime why not listen to the podcast I made for | #NOTlistening Ep.145 - It's a Radio HiJack | and hear the fun we had, which was pretty much very raw and almost improvised throughout.

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