Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The #NOTwatching Podcast #29 - Marvel's Civil War, DC's Justice League Movie Slate and Full Spoilers for Gone Girl!


At the time of recording it was mere speculation, but it is now indeed fact that the third Captain America will indeed focus on Marvel's infamous 'Serpent Society' storyline... just kidding, it's actually gonna be Civil War, co-starring Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark, no less. Also, at time of recording it was only Warner Brothers and DC who had announced Super Hero movies all the way up to 2020, so we'll have to address the recent Marvel megaton in a future episode. We also talk about some movies we've actually seen on this episode, including Starred Up, The Skin I Live In and Gone Girl - the latter of which we go full spoilers on. It's all about the movies on this latest installment of the #NOTwatching Podcast!

1st Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer drops

Downey back as Iron Man in Cap 3

DC Movies named & more...

Damon and Greengrass for Bourne 5

Bond starts shooting in December

Tusk Flops/Clerks 3 financed!

Crouching Tiger 2 on IMAX/Netflix

Starred Up

The Skin I live in

Gone Girl

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Iain @ebowgb
Jon @wobblyjon

Production by Jon Marson

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Monday, 27 October 2014

The #NOTplaying Podcast #51 - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments


Frogwares and Focus have been chipping away at their franchise based on the world's greatest detective for a while now, each successive iteration gradually improving on the formula until this latest installment, Crimes & Punishments, recently released on consoles & PC. By all accounts it seems like they've created the most perfect Sherlock Holmes game to date. We also have time to talk about indie adventure Actual Sunlight and how the middle-ware tools used to make it are enabling people to tell stories like never before...

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

Actual Sunlight

Rob @bobiroka
Patrick @patrickjkay
Adam @koorah

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Next Step in #Mashion and #Meauty

" In order to be one of the Bloggers, you must go through the initiation process"
Over the past few weeks the whole #Mashion and #Meauty series on this website has hit a new turn. From something that was originally a novelty, playful look at the world of the #bbloggers and #fbloggers world has moved onto something a little more respected and liked.......who knew huh?

For the past few weeks I have discussed with friends and other bloggers on what they would want to see from #Mashion and #Meauty posts in the future. For a while the #Mashion side has taken over and filled many of the gaps with comedic and humorous Red Carpet reviews focusing on the whole "Celeb Fashion" world. These have been a right laugh and I will continue to do these as long as people enjoy reading them. But I felt that the #Meauty side was being neglected.

So, I had the #Mashion side sorted. The odd post on why Taylor Swift is dressed like a curtain you'd find in the back alley of  ice rink is fine, but that's just the #fbloggers world being taken on. What about the beauty side? the #bbloggers world? The world that spawned many greats such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly and The Chuckle Brothers.............Ok, maybe one of these are not spawned from that world........but how funny would a Chuckle Brothers Make up tutorial be? Seriously, that would be hilarious!.........Don't pretend you ain't thinking about that right now!.......To me/To you!

Anyway, The Beauty side #Meauty needed something to kick start that side and continue my challenge to immerse myself into this world and simply, have a laugh whist being creative. So what I am proposing and trying to set up are

  • Product Reviews! 
  • You Tube Videos!
  • Tutorials!
They are the THREE main things I want to try and attempt. They may work, they may not! Let me break down how I can bring my unique, fresh and honesty to these with my obvious tongue in cheek and humour too

Product Reviews
This is simple. I will get products and brands and take a look at them from my Male perspective. From make up to beauty products. I will give my opinion on these items as much as I can with the help of other people I know who may try them, which saves me the torture of trying them all! I mean as much as you guys want to see me try on the newest lipstick, I could turn this whole blog into something different. I will play around with this whole set up and structure and try and show what guys think when they see the crazy tool you ladies use on your face.

You Tube Videos
I am already doing weekly videos for the Radio Station I work for and it gave me the buzz to do more connected to this website. These hopefully would include many of the TAGS you #bbloggers and #fbloggers do, as well as some collabs with a few people I know that I have in mind. These should be very exciting and I am sure I can bring my quirky persona I seem to have on my podcasts and radio show to this.

Now this is more tricky. whether these are done in video format or not it is my aim to try and teach people how to do certain things simply by the knowledge that I know. This is the hardest and most ambitious part of the challenge so it may be very sparse.

So there you go. The whole point of this post was to see the feedback and ideas you guys have at #BBloggers #FBloggers and #LBloggers to help @MashionMeauty become something Unique, Fresh and Funny. I want to offer and entertain something different than the usual posts in the twitter timelines.

What do you think? Interested? Fancy doing a collab? Throw those ideas at me people.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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Friday, 24 October 2014

An Autumn TAG....Or Something | #Mashion and Meauty

"Bloggers do TAGs all the time.....SO Fucking do one if you wanna be in the gang!"
So, the whole #Mashion and #Meauty thing has evolved into something pretty amazing online. From what started as a simple novelty challenge of me trying to understand the world of "Beauty and Fashion" blogging in my own comedic way has become something of a "thing" now. It has moved on from guessing what "Contouring" is to Comedic Red Carpet reviews and now it seems a TAG!

#Mashion and #Meauty now has it's own Twitter account so I can keep up with the jokey, ironic and purely sarcastic tweets based on a world I still don't fully understand. Gimme a follow at @MashionMeauty if you fancy

Don't worry! it's a virtual makeover! Stop gasping!
So the lovely Emma from | DollFace Blog | has done a tag called "The Autumn Tag" and she has nominated me to do it. What is an Autumn Tag? I don't know, it seems to be me answering questions set for bloggers. Simple right? Well it seems many are acustomed to the bloggers who currently house a vagina, but hey, I'll give it a go........

1. Favourite Starbucks drink

Ah, this is easy! It is those Iced ones with coffee, chocolate and cream in them. I suddenly turn into a raging addict when I enter Starbucks. I can't help but walk through those doors and suddenly feel as if I am the most important person there. I get this sudden burst of anger that nobody in line is letting me get to the front first, paying for drink or simply giving me their seat on the sofa so I can sit down and write my novel about a struggling musician who has autism yet can see into the future.

2. Favourite music to listen to in Autumn

I have never really seen Autumn as a season that covers a sound of music I like. Christmas is obviously all about the "Xmas" tunes and Summer is all about the sunshine anthems. Autumn must b all about the warm songs, the come down from the summer. Maybe some Coldplay? Something that will either depress me in those dark cold evenings or keep me upbeat enough not to kill myself in those sunny brisk mornings.

3. Autumn scent

As a man I have three sprays.

Antiperspirant - Stops the sweat smell
Deodrant - Lynx or FCUK stuff.....or fuck it anything on offer I ain't fussy
Aftershave - Anything I have been bought at Christmas or Birthdays

I don't have an Autumn Scent, let's just hope I haven't run out of aftershave by then!

4. Favourite Autumn lip product

Ok, first proper Female driven Question. As a man who doesn't frequently wear lipstick, although many of my online friends will argue that, this question is tough for me. But with Autumn comes a change in weather and I am one of those people who seems to get chap lips very easily and it's a pain in the arse! I spend many months of the year covering my mouth in "lip balm" to get rid of the chappness. Sometimes they sell Strawberry ones you know! I buy that because I like the taste and sometimes I have bought some tht have tinted colouring in them and I haven't realised until the lip mark is left on my pint in the pub, and by then it's too late.....I've already pulled!

5. What do you love most about Autumn?

The fact Christmas is on the way! I am a massive Christmas fan and love seeing the seasons change so I can start getting ready for December. I love darker nights as it makes me enjoy staying in and not feel guilty about not going out in the night when it is still light. Plus I like Brown leaves falling from the trees and scattered about on the floor, although not as much when there are dog poo's hidden underneath and I end up treading in it! happens!

6. Autumn accessories?

God, I don't know. I don't even think I own "Accessories". I don't even know Men can own "seasonal" accessories? Can they? I guess I have a coat that is too light for winter but too much for summer that I wear. Does that count? Is anybody still reading this?

7. Favourite Halloween Movie

AH! It is without a doubt the original 1978 version of "Halloween". I LOVE this film and watch it every year, sometimes more than once and at anytime! It is a Film makers bible on how to make an Independent Horror film on a small budget! A film about a guy in a mask that stalked babysitters on Halloween! Simple as that! It is a marvellous film! In my top 5 films of all time still.

8. Favourite nail polish?

Don't wear nail polish BUT I googled some nail designs and if I were to keep my nails a different colour I would go for this!

Why? No reasons I couldn't be bothered to search for long so I just settled on these. They look pretty cool though huh?

9. What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

Possibly my little boy's 1st Halloween so I can dress him up like a Pumpkin or something! I love Autumn as it gears me up for the end of the year and I start to get excited for Christmas. I also love a bit of Fireworks Night, excuse to drink Halloween inspired Bitters down the pub and eat hot, hearty food. Plus the weather begins to ruin my garden so I haven't got to go out and cut the bloody grass every 5 minutes!

So there you go! I am now supposed to tag some bloggers. They have probably done it already but here they are:

The lovely Deja at DejaZu who is a great person, a talented make up artist and very Slovenian. I don't know many Slovenians you know.
The Beautiful Kitty at Kitty Hearts because she is wonderful
The Horror Queen herself Kelly at Miss Kitty Kaos who is a massive Horror geek and pretty awesome

And if you fancy doing it, then go ahead and tweet me the link and I'll read, comment and RT them.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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Making up this Halloween | #Mashion and #Meauty

| You couldn't make this up.........That is a play on the fact this is about make up.....Oh forget it! |
Hey there! How are you all doing today? are you ready for Halloween next week? what do you mean you haven't got a costume? Oh sort it out

Sorry, I was on the phone there.....HEY! So, Next week is HALLOWEEN and it's that time of year to get the horror movies out and enjoy some good old fashioned classics. Also Halloween being on a Friday night has brought out the perfect excuse to go out and party in town dressed up as something either
  • Sinister
  • Scary
  • Sexy
  • Slutty
Pretty much any of the "S's". I am a fan of Fancy Dress, but only if it is done with creativity and effort. Girls nowadays seem to think it is ok to draw on a few cat whiskers and wear a leotard and go dressed as a slutty cat or something.

Now, the other day I was on instagram and I came across a girls feed which was full of some of the most amazing Halloween "Make Up" looks. Now I am not talking about simple "sexy cat" and "sexy mouse" and "sexy dog" fact sexualising animals is pretty wrong in my opinion, STOP IT! 
This lady had some awesome "Scary" looks going on all with the power of the brush!

Meet Rebecca Durans, she seems like a normal girl doesn't she? 

Visit her Blog at
Yes, she looks lovely right? well when this little make up artist genius get's her tools out she can unleash some epic "Halloween" looks that is for sure! Take a look at some of these

Creey Arsed Clown!! Fuck this! if I saw this in Daylight I'd run a mile crying like a baby!
Tim Burton Inspired "Jack Skeleton" kind of look! Whatever it is, it's epically scary!

More toned down Sexy Death Lady! Still creepy as shit though right?
What the Fu.......Kill it!!!

How Epic are they? How can such a lovely looking young lady look so bloody terrifying?? Becca amazed me with these looks and I can't wait to see what other work she does. This girl knows how to use a brush and I am pretty sure we will be seeing her make it big in the Make Up industry, maybe doing special effects make up in films.

That Burnt Zombie one is gonna give me nightmares I just know it!

Check out Rebecca on her Twitter @BeccaDurrans IG: BeccaDurrans and You Tube

Are there any other Make Up Artists out there doing awesome Halloween inspired looks? Let me know!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

After Midnight - Review

"To B or Not to B Movie......Or something witty to insert here!"

Another Film screener fell into my lap recently and I made time to sit down and watch it to discuss on here. Now I love film, I love passionate film makers (by that I mean film makers who have a lot of passion in their craft....I wasn't trying to say "Porn" but in a way it seemed viable, like when people say they watch "Porn" because it makes them laugh....yeah out of their.....anyway).
As an avid film fan, over the years I have watched many movies crossing many genres, languages and even formats. Many people won't be aware of certain categories of films, but this film I watched "After Midnight" would easily fit into the "B MOVIE" category.

Screen siren Tawny Kitaen is on the hunt for a killer in the sizzling and suspenseful new film from renowned film maker Fred Olen Ray.

When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister Constance (Witchboard), a TV newscaster, goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she quickly realizes that everyone is a suspect and that other dancers are being targeted. She must work fast to find the killer to seek her revenge before she becomes the next target.

Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street, A Night at the Roxbury) co-stars in After Midnight, from the fan favourite director of Hatfields and McCoys : Bad Blood and The Tomb, released on VOD in America October 28 from Phase 4 Films. 

UK release? Dunno! But surely you'll find it on Netflix, Crackle or Amazon Instant Soon.....if not The Horror Channel!

So.....what does that sound like? Well let's cut to the chase shall we. This film "After Midnight" is going to be a film that a lot of people are NOT going to enjoy. Why do I say that? Because a lot of people who watch it will not "get" the type of movie this is.
Fred Olen Ray, The Director, has a very interesting back catalogue. He was the man who brought us such classics as
Super Shark!!
Attack of the 60Ft Centrefold

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

C'mon! How Awesome do those sound? These are pure "B MOVIE" fodder! The types of films that thrive on being made on a budget, full of fun and don't take themselves too seriously so they can simply unleash the creative output.

So, After Midnight was the film I watched and I have to admit, after 15 minutes of finally realising this film was a B Movie, I actually enjoyed it. Ok, so the acting is a little shoddy including some of the dialogue

"I'm a Wolf Baby"
"In Wolf's clothing!"
"You got the right baby"

But, all this just added to the charm of the film. This film is a pure Beer, Boobs and Blood movie. the type of film you would watch after a night down the pub and simply sit back and enjoy. It was fun.

The film is down as a "Thriller/Horror" which is pretty true. There is less horror about this film and more full of twisty turns of  "Hitchcockian" thriller.......if Hitchcock liked showing naked girls every other scene.
The story runs the course of Strippers being killed one by one by somebody, The Sister of a victim going undercover to try and find out who is it, then shit gets real and twists happen and frankly I can't say anymore because it will ruin it for you......and I can't remember when the next set of boobs were going to appear.

This film has "2 minute" Boobs! The film begins and 2 minutes in is a pair of lady lumps attached to a sexy woman on stage in a strip club. From then on every stripper gets their own time to shine on stage and get their breasticles out......even if it adds nothing to the fact none add anything to the story........but hey, why am I moaning?

This film is full of red herrings on who is the actual killer, I mean pretty much every character in the film is hinted at as being the killer, whether it subtle or obvious to help the story move along. Hell,at one point so many people were being fingered........wrong choice of word there for this type of many people were being accused, even I started to think I was the killer!

Towards the end the film reaches a crazy climax, one that reminded me of a film idea I had when I was at college, believe it or not.........I never bothered continuing that idea so says a lot really.

The acting is fun, the direction is simple, the backing music is soft porn-esque and the entire film is something that I came.......stop it!.......out of with a wry grin with.

Oh, did I mention Richard Grieco from the original "21 Jump Street" show is in this?...No? well he is.....for like 10 minutes in total. Oh and some lady I don't know called "TawnyKitaen". Apparently she is a screen siren.......I actually quite fancied her.......I might google her............yeah she's an 80's sex symbol!

Catherine Annette is gorgeous and does her bit it as the lead. The supporting cast do there job, I mean with the script and dialogue they had, it was good enough. This film is not going to be remembered as a classic, it was never intended to. For me to even attempt to review this with the same thought process as an award gunning film would be silly. 
This film, and others like it, HAVE an audience and reach a market. This will easily fit in the same mould as all the other late night, direct to DVD/VOD films that you will watch once and forget the next day.

Maybe, in the UK we have a different attitude to these types of films.Maybe we "get" the irony of these movies and see them more as a joke/parody or blatant rip off. 
So, all in all, this "review" is in NO WAY slamming this film. I recommend you watch it, if you are a fan of these types of films. If you are NOT a fan of these types of films then don't even bother, in fact erase your memory of reading this, because you are probably ready to throw your limited edition boxset of The Godfather at the screen!

If you decide to indulge in some B Movie craziness then check this out. It is being billed as a "Twin Peaks" type of movie.........It's not, but it tries......maybe if Twin Peaks was made by somebody who had never seen Twin Peaks but watched the porno version Twat Peaks

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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mass-Debating Laws!


| Time to listen to something that is #NOTinteresting |

Again, I am playing catch up with the podcast descriptions for previous episodes of The #NOTlistening Podcast. Some of the most fun episodes that we record are the #NOTinteresting style episodes when Myself, Will and Ash record in a "QI" style format and discuss facts and trivia of a certain topic. These episodes are usually hilarious as well as quite educational.

In  | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.148 - Mass Debating Laws | we decided to discuss and bring to our attention some of the dumbest, pathetic and peculiar laws from around the world.

In this Episode we talked about the countries where the punishment of being caught masturbating in public is decapitation!.....seriously! Crazy huh?! Why not press play and listen to this hilarious episode? You might learn something as well as having a good laugh.

I had a quick look at other laws after this episode and I found possibly the funniest one! 
Apparently in Alabama it is illegal...

  • to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church

Wear a fake moustache!? What the fuck?! This makes me sad and smile in equal measure. I feel sad because it is possibly the weirdest thing I have ever heard that was ever put down on paper and anybody who wanted to wear a moustache into a church, yet could never grow one will feel victimised. 
BUT this fake moustache law made me smile simply because somebody somewhere had to sit down and really fight for this law to be passed. Somebody somewhere in the world at one time in history, sat down and had a conversation with somebody that went along the lines of
"You know what Cleetus, I am sick and tired of these fake moustache's coming in to our churches and making people laugh! A church is no place to laugh at fake moustaches! They must be banned!"
Ok, maybe not word for word, but you get what I am saying. Someone is history actually sat down with a serious intent to prevent fake moustaches causing laughter in  church. This was their life! This was all they had in their life. This was what got them up in the morning and got them to sleep at night.

Life was so much simpler back then..........and simple in more ways that one.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

The #NOTplaying Podcast #50 - Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


When Monolith first unveiled this latest entry in the post-Tolkien Middle Earth cannon our opinions were mixed to say the least. Sure, it's infamous Nemesis system sounded intriguing, but at the expensive of lifting mechanics wholesale from other beloved action franchises . As it turns out, Shadow of Mordor is innovative and darn right fun enough to negate it's plagiarism, reignite the Tolkien Mythos and earn itself a #NOTplaying Podcast all of it own... Enjoy!

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Rob @bobiroka
Patrick @patrickjkay
Adam @koorah

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Judas Ghost - Review


"Lights Off! Headphones in!.......Why did I do this to myself?"

So, I was lucky enough to be sent through a copy of a UK independent Horror Film called "Judas Ghost" recently and asked what my thoughts on it are. 
I am a "Horror" film fan, although I wouldn't call myself a Horror Aficionado.

I love cinema! I love the whole art of filmmaking. This annoys may of my friends and family as I will always look beyond a film and give my thoughts and opinions on it without them asking.
"Adam, what was the film like?" 

"Well, the whole mis-en-scene really empthasised the meaning behind the secondary characters loss in act two, allowing us to engage in the whole denumaux and twist. The cinematography really showed the inner workings of the antagonists mind too" 

"............So was Teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles good then?"

I had a Friday night free, so I thought it was a great chance to check out the film. So I sat down to my laptop, turned off the lights, put in my headphones and looked into a dark living room, only to be lit up by the laptop screen........Why did I put myself through this?

Before my thoughts and Review of the film, here is a little bit of info on the movie.
Award winning horror Judas Ghost thrills at Festivals

Spartacus: War of the Damned’ Simon Merrells, Zero Dark Thirty star, Martin Delaney and Law and Order: UK actor Alexander Perkins all join together to star in Simon Pearce’s Judas Ghost; based on the fan favourite ‘Ghost Finders’ novels written by The New York Times best selling author Simon R. Green.
Judas Ghost tells the tale of 4 experienced Ghost Finders who think they have seen it all…that is, until they encounter the chilling Judas Ghost. This elite team is sent out to an old village hall, on what they think is an apparently standard haunting. However things go from bad to worse when it becomes clear that they are facing something far more sinister than they initially anticipated. The hall harbours a dark secret and the team must use every trick they know to get out of there alive. Who will survive and what will be left of their souls?

As well as being a fan favourite as Crassus in the extremely popular Spartacus: War of the DamnedSimon Merrells is also a known for his roles in Family Affairs, Doctors and The Tomorrow PeopleJudas Ghost co-star Martin Delaney is also known for starring in Family Affairs, as well as Shortland Street and Beowulf & Grendel, alongside Gerard Butler. Also starring in this captivating film is The Office star, Alexander PerkinsDoctors actress Lucy Cudden and Game of Thrones star Grahame Fox.
This thrilling film won ‘Best Horror’ at London Independent Film Festival as well as ‘Best International Horror’ at Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival.
Falling Shadows Productions’ Judas Ghost, was written by Simon R. Green, directed by Simon Pearce and produced by Wolfram Parge

What did I think then? well......I LOVED this film. Ok, I know you may be sitting there thinking "Of course you are going to say that..." well you are wrong sir! (or madam, sorry if i called you a sir, you look lovely today....lovely blouse). I always sit down to watch films with an open mind and honest opinion at the ready. I came out the end of this film happy that I managed to watch it. 
Independent cinema is tough. It is tough for many of the films to find an audience. We live in a world where many people, outside of the film lovers community, assume that if a film doesn't star Channing Tatum or Jennifer Lawrence then it can't be very good. Apparently "ONLY" films that make it to the cinema are worthy for peoples attention, when we all know the majority of all film viewings occur at home. For some reason Independent films must be bad because they are cheaper to make compared to a Hollywood Blockbuster. The less money these things spend, the less quality they are.
Now the last statement I kind of agree with, to a degree. If you don't use your resources (ie.Budget) wisely then you are on the wrong path. Independent films have to work on a small budget and this means the film makers must realise their limitations and set up that way.
Judas Ghost is a brilliant example of how to use their small budget, limited resources, tiny cast and create something that looks and feels 100 times better than many current run of the mill Horror films you see clog up the cinemas with budgets in the high Millions.
The Story is set up swiftly in this film and as basic as the plot is, it never feels like it isn't moving along at a great pace. The introduction of characters is played out with sly precision and with relevant expedition.

The characters, again bordering on stereotypical horror tropes, are played out superbly.Martin Delanney (Jerry) is a great screen presence as the self assured, confident bordering on cocky ghost hunter who seems to be channelling his inner Derren Brown, all the way from his smart suit to his dialect and accent.
(I remember seeing Martin back on my screen in the late 90's in the "Renford Rejects"). His entire performance was fantastic from his sly smirk to the danger to the realistic panic at being one upped by this ghost.
Lucy Cudden (Anna) and Simon Merrells (Mark) both brought some  humanity to their roles. Both playing against Martin's "Showman" archetype and brought a sense of fear and worry to their surroundings whilst Martin embraced his characters need to be centre of attention.
Bringing in the, abeit sterotypical, geek/tech scared character was Alexander Perkins (Ian) who was the voice of the audience and slight expedition in regards to the spooky goings ons. Us as an audience will instantly connect with him as his comic relief and pessimistic attitude will have you shouting at the screen
"YES! Let's get out of here!"

The writing for this film really impressed me. Some films tend to try and break away into a dialogue-ridden world that sounds like "Normal everyday" conversation. This film doesn't. I felt this script, Narrative and dialogue had a definite "MovieWorld" feel about it. There was no need for filler, there was no need for stringing out back story, There was no need in trying to get the audience to try and warm up and believe this is a "real" world scenario. This works for this film, as it does for many Horror films out there. I like watching something I know is a "film" as we have found ourselves trapped in a world of "Found Footage" films that try to make you believe this actually happened and by doing that it takes away many tropes that we associate and enjoy from the horror genre. The script and dialogue said enough without having to say too much. I understood the characters relationships within 5 minutes and got in to the action within 10 minutes. From then it was hit after hit after hit until an extremely creepy and 80's inspired (Hellraiser anybody?) horror finale with "The Judas Ghost",

I am extremely pleased I managed to see this film. Like I said before, Independent films have a tough ride to find an audience and anybody who is a fan of creepy, bloody and inventive horror flicks will love this film.

A Thoroughly enjoyable, creepy and Gore-tastic film.! Seek it out when you can.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bucket List or F**k It List?


 | Let's get depressing and list off things we need to do before we die |

So, still playing catch up on the podcast descriptions on here, here is the #NOTlistening Episode I recorded with the very lovely Amy Lee who works at the same Community Radio Station as me ( 

In | Ep.147 - Bucket it! List of The #NOTlistening Podcast | we sat down and discussed all things to do with "Bucket Lists". Amy brought this to my attention as I personally thought the whole Bucket List thing was a purely American, Hollywood Movie type of thing. I didn't actually think people had an actual list of things to do before you die. I originally thought it was a bit pretentious.......But now I realise it is actually a really good idea for a good state of mind and organised mindset in life.

In the Episode, which you should have pressed play already by the way.....I'll wait until you do.........I cant hear anything!.......Press Play!....or DOWNLOAD it here.........Thank you, anyway in this Episode we went through many of Amy's items on her bucket list including
  • Travelling
  • Learning a new language
  • Skydiving

So, the generic ones really. These are the ones I usually hear if I am honest. You know the ones that pretty much cover enough bases. If I was to make a Bucket List I would be so lazy and jot down
  • Wake Up every day
  • Write a Bucket List
  • Buy a Bucket
  • Be a Human
In the podcast, which should be playing, I read out a series of Bucket List items from various people who follow me on the twitter and facebook. Some of these ranged from
  • Eating posh fish food in a cocktail bar
  • Going to some exotic places and look at exotic stuff
  • Saving peoples lives somehow
  • Touching the feet of a penguin
  • Getting intimate with Emma Stone

and many more. I suppose Bucket Lists can either be something that can help you in life, keep yourself focused and on a path to happiness or they can something in your life that you put pressure to achieve. 

Me personally, doesn't need or want a Bucket List. I am a very organised person but I sometimes like to live my life with my own organisational skills and see where that leads me. I don't need a list to tell me to travel to places just so I can say I have seen the world. I believe that seeing the world doesn't give you the answers, it simply sets up more questions and makes you believe you have more answers.

Life is all about making you and the close people around you happy. Right? Much like you listening to the podcasts and reading this blog and being happy right? Yeah?

Well tick that off your bucket list!
DONE! No need to thank me.


Which is good because on my Bucket List I have
  • Write a Rambling Blog post to go with the Podcast Episode
  • Make it the worst
You decide whether I can tick them off! ;-)

Also Place random photos on the blog post is on my bucket list.......

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