Thursday, 23 October 2014

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After Midnight - Review

What did I think about "B Movie" AFTER MIDNIGHT? well find out here.....

"To B or Not to B Movie......Or something witty to insert here!"

Another Film screener fell into my lap recently and I made time to sit down and watch it to discuss on here. Now I love film, I love passionate film makers (by that I mean film makers who have a lot of passion in their craft....I wasn't trying to say "Porn" but in a way it seemed viable, like when people say they watch "Porn" because it makes them laugh....yeah out of their.....anyway).
As an avid film fan, over the years I have watched many movies crossing many genres, languages and even formats. Many people won't be aware of certain categories of films, but this film I watched "After Midnight" would easily fit into the "B MOVIE" category.

Screen siren Tawny Kitaen is on the hunt for a killer in the sizzling and suspenseful new film from renowned film maker Fred Olen Ray.

When an exotic dancer is murdered at a seedy strip club, her sister Constance (Witchboard), a TV newscaster, goes undercover to find the killer. While working at the club, she quickly realizes that everyone is a suspect and that other dancers are being targeted. She must work fast to find the killer to seek her revenge before she becomes the next target.

Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street, A Night at the Roxbury) co-stars in After Midnight, from the fan favourite director of Hatfields and McCoys : Bad Blood and The Tomb, released on VOD in America October 28 from Phase 4 Films. 

UK release? Dunno! But surely you'll find it on Netflix, Crackle or Amazon Instant Soon.....if not The Horror Channel!

So.....what does that sound like? Well let's cut to the chase shall we. This film "After Midnight" is going to be a film that a lot of people are NOT going to enjoy. Why do I say that? Because a lot of people who watch it will not "get" the type of movie this is.
Fred Olen Ray, The Director, has a very interesting back catalogue. He was the man who brought us such classics as
Super Shark!!
Attack of the 60Ft Centrefold

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

C'mon! How Awesome do those sound? These are pure "B MOVIE" fodder! The types of films that thrive on being made on a budget, full of fun and don't take themselves too seriously so they can simply unleash the creative output.

So, After Midnight was the film I watched and I have to admit, after 15 minutes of finally realising this film was a B Movie, I actually enjoyed it. Ok, so the acting is a little shoddy including some of the dialogue

"I'm a Wolf Baby"
"In Wolf's clothing!"
"You got the right baby"

But, all this just added to the charm of the film. This film is a pure Beer, Boobs and Blood movie. the type of film you would watch after a night down the pub and simply sit back and enjoy. It was fun.

The film is down as a "Thriller/Horror" which is pretty true. There is less horror about this film and more full of twisty turns of  "Hitchcockian" thriller.......if Hitchcock liked showing naked girls every other scene.
The story runs the course of Strippers being killed one by one by somebody, The Sister of a victim going undercover to try and find out who is it, then shit gets real and twists happen and frankly I can't say anymore because it will ruin it for you......and I can't remember when the next set of boobs were going to appear.

This film has "2 minute" Boobs! The film begins and 2 minutes in is a pair of lady lumps attached to a sexy woman on stage in a strip club. From then on every stripper gets their own time to shine on stage and get their breasticles out......even if it adds nothing to the fact none add anything to the story........but hey, why am I moaning?

This film is full of red herrings on who is the actual killer, I mean pretty much every character in the film is hinted at as being the killer, whether it subtle or obvious to help the story move along. Hell,at one point so many people were being fingered........wrong choice of word there for this type of many people were being accused, even I started to think I was the killer!

Towards the end the film reaches a crazy climax, one that reminded me of a film idea I had when I was at college, believe it or not.........I never bothered continuing that idea so says a lot really.

The acting is fun, the direction is simple, the backing music is soft porn-esque and the entire film is something that I came.......stop it!.......out of with a wry grin with.

Oh, did I mention Richard Grieco from the original "21 Jump Street" show is in this?...No? well he is.....for like 10 minutes in total. Oh and some lady I don't know called "TawnyKitaen". Apparently she is a screen siren.......I actually quite fancied her.......I might google her............yeah she's an 80's sex symbol!

Catherine Annette is gorgeous and does her bit it as the lead. The supporting cast do there job, I mean with the script and dialogue they had, it was good enough. This film is not going to be remembered as a classic, it was never intended to. For me to even attempt to review this with the same thought process as an award gunning film would be silly. 
This film, and others like it, HAVE an audience and reach a market. This will easily fit in the same mould as all the other late night, direct to DVD/VOD films that you will watch once and forget the next day.

Maybe, in the UK we have a different attitude to these types of films.Maybe we "get" the irony of these movies and see them more as a joke/parody or blatant rip off. 
So, all in all, this "review" is in NO WAY slamming this film. I recommend you watch it, if you are a fan of these types of films. If you are NOT a fan of these types of films then don't even bother, in fact erase your memory of reading this, because you are probably ready to throw your limited edition boxset of The Godfather at the screen!

If you decide to indulge in some B Movie craziness then check this out. It is being billed as a "Twin Peaks" type of movie.........It's not, but it tries......maybe if Twin Peaks was made by somebody who had never seen Twin Peaks but watched the porno version Twat Peaks

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