Tuesday, 14 October 2014

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All Mediocre things must come to an End....

Finally...a Write up about Billy's life as a podcaster before he went off to become a Spy, or a Superhero or work at Lidl...I Can't remember which.

| All good things must come to an end....... |

Again I have been a bit rubbish updating the Podcast Descriptions on here, BUT this way you get to find episodes to listen to you may have missed.

For those of you that have followed the podcast and my involvement with it from the start will know all about the origins of The #NOTlistening brand.........many of you won't. so here it is in a short, brief explanation.

Back in 2011 myself and best mate Billy started recording podcasts into a really terribly sounding web cam mic. We would sit down in front of the computer and drink beer whilst chatting about Films and TV. We began with a podcast called "What the Fuck Does Billy Know?!" where I we would simply dedicate an episode to a topic and ask the question
"How much does Billy know about said subject?"

It was all new to us and purely a chance to mess about. Anyway, it continued and evolved into "The ODDcast PODcast UK" which had a more structured look at the world of Film and Entertainment. After 20 Episodes Billy had to leave the "ODDcast" and that is where Will and then Ash stepped in to help, what later become what "The #NOTlistening Podcast" is today.

During this time myself and Billy managed to start up a separate podcast "It's NOT Soccer" which was originally aimed at Sports chat but soon turned, for the better, in to a comedy podcast centred around stories from Billy's life and more. In between this all we did about 13 episodes of the ambitious "MOVIEcomm" podcast with Marcus, which was short lived due to it's gruelling recording scheduling.

"It's NOT Soccer" ended back in March when The #NOTlistening Podcast came to fruition and the whole changeover began. Billy moved into the recording scheduling for this and it made it easier to simply expand the #NOTlistening world rather than have lots of side projects.

Anyway, I feel like I am just giving you a run down of things, a few months ago Billy had to give up podcasting to pursue working commitments. It was a shame, because podcasting with Billy was how it all began. Without Bill, there would be NO #NOTlistening website, NO podcast, NO radio show. It all began with two drunken mates sitting around a crappy webcam mic and talking about Katie Waissel, The X Factor and anything stupid enough for us to make a joke out of.

Thanks to the fun we both had, we managed to bag a Radio Show slot on Local radio station www.ChelmsfordCommunityRadio.com with "The Really Reel Show" which has evolved into a conveyor-belt of revolving guests each week.

So.....I guess All mediocre things must come to an End right? The Beauty of podcasting is that you can always go back and listen to previous shows. Here are a few of my favourite episodes that myself and Billy recorded over time.

I Hope to get Bill back in the Podcasting chair again one day.

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