Friday, 24 October 2014

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An Autumn TAG....Or Something | #Mashion and Meauty

Apparently bloggers are supposed to do here is an Autumn Tag...whatever that is!

"Bloggers do TAGs all the time.....SO Fucking do one if you wanna be in the gang!"
So, the whole #Mashion and #Meauty thing has evolved into something pretty amazing online. From what started as a simple novelty challenge of me trying to understand the world of "Beauty and Fashion" blogging in my own comedic way has become something of a "thing" now. It has moved on from guessing what "Contouring" is to Comedic Red Carpet reviews and now it seems a TAG!

#Mashion and #Meauty now has it's own Twitter account so I can keep up with the jokey, ironic and purely sarcastic tweets based on a world I still don't fully understand. Gimme a follow at @MashionMeauty if you fancy

Don't worry! it's a virtual makeover! Stop gasping!
So the lovely Emma from | DollFace Blog | has done a tag called "The Autumn Tag" and she has nominated me to do it. What is an Autumn Tag? I don't know, it seems to be me answering questions set for bloggers. Simple right? Well it seems many are acustomed to the bloggers who currently house a vagina, but hey, I'll give it a go........

1. Favourite Starbucks drink

Ah, this is easy! It is those Iced ones with coffee, chocolate and cream in them. I suddenly turn into a raging addict when I enter Starbucks. I can't help but walk through those doors and suddenly feel as if I am the most important person there. I get this sudden burst of anger that nobody in line is letting me get to the front first, paying for drink or simply giving me their seat on the sofa so I can sit down and write my novel about a struggling musician who has autism yet can see into the future.

2. Favourite music to listen to in Autumn

I have never really seen Autumn as a season that covers a sound of music I like. Christmas is obviously all about the "Xmas" tunes and Summer is all about the sunshine anthems. Autumn must b all about the warm songs, the come down from the summer. Maybe some Coldplay? Something that will either depress me in those dark cold evenings or keep me upbeat enough not to kill myself in those sunny brisk mornings.

3. Autumn scent

As a man I have three sprays.

Antiperspirant - Stops the sweat smell
Deodrant - Lynx or FCUK stuff.....or fuck it anything on offer I ain't fussy
Aftershave - Anything I have been bought at Christmas or Birthdays

I don't have an Autumn Scent, let's just hope I haven't run out of aftershave by then!

4. Favourite Autumn lip product

Ok, first proper Female driven Question. As a man who doesn't frequently wear lipstick, although many of my online friends will argue that, this question is tough for me. But with Autumn comes a change in weather and I am one of those people who seems to get chap lips very easily and it's a pain in the arse! I spend many months of the year covering my mouth in "lip balm" to get rid of the chappness. Sometimes they sell Strawberry ones you know! I buy that because I like the taste and sometimes I have bought some tht have tinted colouring in them and I haven't realised until the lip mark is left on my pint in the pub, and by then it's too late.....I've already pulled!

5. What do you love most about Autumn?

The fact Christmas is on the way! I am a massive Christmas fan and love seeing the seasons change so I can start getting ready for December. I love darker nights as it makes me enjoy staying in and not feel guilty about not going out in the night when it is still light. Plus I like Brown leaves falling from the trees and scattered about on the floor, although not as much when there are dog poo's hidden underneath and I end up treading in it! happens!

6. Autumn accessories?

God, I don't know. I don't even think I own "Accessories". I don't even know Men can own "seasonal" accessories? Can they? I guess I have a coat that is too light for winter but too much for summer that I wear. Does that count? Is anybody still reading this?

7. Favourite Halloween Movie

AH! It is without a doubt the original 1978 version of "Halloween". I LOVE this film and watch it every year, sometimes more than once and at anytime! It is a Film makers bible on how to make an Independent Horror film on a small budget! A film about a guy in a mask that stalked babysitters on Halloween! Simple as that! It is a marvellous film! In my top 5 films of all time still.

8. Favourite nail polish?

Don't wear nail polish BUT I googled some nail designs and if I were to keep my nails a different colour I would go for this!

Why? No reasons I couldn't be bothered to search for long so I just settled on these. They look pretty cool though huh?

9. What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?

Possibly my little boy's 1st Halloween so I can dress him up like a Pumpkin or something! I love Autumn as it gears me up for the end of the year and I start to get excited for Christmas. I also love a bit of Fireworks Night, excuse to drink Halloween inspired Bitters down the pub and eat hot, hearty food. Plus the weather begins to ruin my garden so I haven't got to go out and cut the bloody grass every 5 minutes!

So there you go! I am now supposed to tag some bloggers. They have probably done it already but here they are:

The lovely Deja at DejaZu who is a great person, a talented make up artist and very Slovenian. I don't know many Slovenians you know.
The Beautiful Kitty at Kitty Hearts because she is wonderful
The Horror Queen herself Kelly at Miss Kitty Kaos who is a massive Horror geek and pretty awesome

And if you fancy doing it, then go ahead and tweet me the link and I'll read, comment and RT them.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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  1. You never fail to amuse me. The introduction to this tag alone had me chuckling. Good work, sir! <3

    1. haha thank you! I enjoyed writing this obviously ;-)