Thursday, 16 October 2014

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Bucket List or F**k It List?

So I did a Podcast where we discussed Bucket Lists! Do you have one? Are they worth it?

 | Let's get depressing and list off things we need to do before we die |

So, still playing catch up on the podcast descriptions on here, here is the #NOTlistening Episode I recorded with the very lovely Amy Lee who works at the same Community Radio Station as me ( 

In | Ep.147 - Bucket it! List of The #NOTlistening Podcast | we sat down and discussed all things to do with "Bucket Lists". Amy brought this to my attention as I personally thought the whole Bucket List thing was a purely American, Hollywood Movie type of thing. I didn't actually think people had an actual list of things to do before you die. I originally thought it was a bit pretentious.......But now I realise it is actually a really good idea for a good state of mind and organised mindset in life.

In the Episode, which you should have pressed play already by the way.....I'll wait until you do.........I cant hear anything!.......Press Play!....or DOWNLOAD it here.........Thank you, anyway in this Episode we went through many of Amy's items on her bucket list including
  • Travelling
  • Learning a new language
  • Skydiving

So, the generic ones really. These are the ones I usually hear if I am honest. You know the ones that pretty much cover enough bases. If I was to make a Bucket List I would be so lazy and jot down
  • Wake Up every day
  • Write a Bucket List
  • Buy a Bucket
  • Be a Human
In the podcast, which should be playing, I read out a series of Bucket List items from various people who follow me on the twitter and facebook. Some of these ranged from
  • Eating posh fish food in a cocktail bar
  • Going to some exotic places and look at exotic stuff
  • Saving peoples lives somehow
  • Touching the feet of a penguin
  • Getting intimate with Emma Stone

and many more. I suppose Bucket Lists can either be something that can help you in life, keep yourself focused and on a path to happiness or they can something in your life that you put pressure to achieve. 

Me personally, doesn't need or want a Bucket List. I am a very organised person but I sometimes like to live my life with my own organisational skills and see where that leads me. I don't need a list to tell me to travel to places just so I can say I have seen the world. I believe that seeing the world doesn't give you the answers, it simply sets up more questions and makes you believe you have more answers.

Life is all about making you and the close people around you happy. Right? Much like you listening to the podcasts and reading this blog and being happy right? Yeah?

Well tick that off your bucket list!
DONE! No need to thank me.


Which is good because on my Bucket List I have
  • Write a Rambling Blog post to go with the Podcast Episode
  • Make it the worst
You decide whether I can tick them off! ;-)

Also Place random photos on the blog post is on my bucket list.......

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