Friday, 24 October 2014

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Making up this Halloween | #Mashion and #Meauty

Some ladies just know how to use make up to look good....some use it to look god dam scary!

| You couldn't make this up.........That is a play on the fact this is about make up.....Oh forget it! |
Hey there! How are you all doing today? are you ready for Halloween next week? what do you mean you haven't got a costume? Oh sort it out

Sorry, I was on the phone there.....HEY! So, Next week is HALLOWEEN and it's that time of year to get the horror movies out and enjoy some good old fashioned classics. Also Halloween being on a Friday night has brought out the perfect excuse to go out and party in town dressed up as something either
  • Sinister
  • Scary
  • Sexy
  • Slutty
Pretty much any of the "S's". I am a fan of Fancy Dress, but only if it is done with creativity and effort. Girls nowadays seem to think it is ok to draw on a few cat whiskers and wear a leotard and go dressed as a slutty cat or something.

Now, the other day I was on instagram and I came across a girls feed which was full of some of the most amazing Halloween "Make Up" looks. Now I am not talking about simple "sexy cat" and "sexy mouse" and "sexy dog" fact sexualising animals is pretty wrong in my opinion, STOP IT! 
This lady had some awesome "Scary" looks going on all with the power of the brush!

Meet Rebecca Durans, she seems like a normal girl doesn't she? 

Visit her Blog at
Yes, she looks lovely right? well when this little make up artist genius get's her tools out she can unleash some epic "Halloween" looks that is for sure! Take a look at some of these

Creey Arsed Clown!! Fuck this! if I saw this in Daylight I'd run a mile crying like a baby!
Tim Burton Inspired "Jack Skeleton" kind of look! Whatever it is, it's epically scary!

More toned down Sexy Death Lady! Still creepy as shit though right?
What the Fu.......Kill it!!!

How Epic are they? How can such a lovely looking young lady look so bloody terrifying?? Becca amazed me with these looks and I can't wait to see what other work she does. This girl knows how to use a brush and I am pretty sure we will be seeing her make it big in the Make Up industry, maybe doing special effects make up in films.

That Burnt Zombie one is gonna give me nightmares I just know it!

Check out Rebecca on her Twitter @BeccaDurrans IG: BeccaDurrans and You Tube

Are there any other Make Up Artists out there doing awesome Halloween inspired looks? Let me know!

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  1. These look amazing! I love it when people really commit to halloween. I usually end up spending about 2 or 3 hours with special FX stuff and face paints so I can look scary but I always ended up being the only one so I'm having a break from it this year and just going as a 'sexy cat' this year (though I have invested in zombie contacts so I like to think i'll be a bit scary) but I can't wait to get back into it next year and start looking for some scary tutorials to inspire it! :)

    Love Amylou x

    1. She looks fab!! Yeah i love creative make up looks and people that make an effort, but yeah sometimes you put it in and nothing haha
      but you rock that sexy cat!! hah