Tuesday, 21 October 2014

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Mass-Debating Laws!

In Ep.148 of #NOTlistening Podcast we discussed Weird Laws from around the world.

| Time to listen to something that is #NOTinteresting |

Again, I am playing catch up with the podcast descriptions for previous episodes of The #NOTlistening Podcast. Some of the most fun episodes that we record are the #NOTinteresting style episodes when Myself, Will and Ash record in a "QI" style format and discuss facts and trivia of a certain topic. These episodes are usually hilarious as well as quite educational.

In  | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.148 - Mass Debating Laws | we decided to discuss and bring to our attention some of the dumbest, pathetic and peculiar laws from around the world.

In this Episode we talked about the countries where the punishment of being caught masturbating in public is decapitation!.....seriously! Crazy huh?! Why not press play and listen to this hilarious episode? You might learn something as well as having a good laugh.

I had a quick look at other laws after this episode and I found possibly the funniest one! 
Apparently in Alabama it is illegal...

  • to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church

Wear a fake moustache!? What the fuck?! This makes me sad and smile in equal measure. I feel sad because it is possibly the weirdest thing I have ever heard that was ever put down on paper and anybody who wanted to wear a moustache into a church, yet could never grow one will feel victimised. 
BUT this fake moustache law made me smile simply because somebody somewhere had to sit down and really fight for this law to be passed. Somebody somewhere in the world at one time in history, sat down and had a conversation with somebody that went along the lines of
"You know what Cleetus, I am sick and tired of these fake moustache's coming in to our churches and making people laugh! A church is no place to laugh at fake moustaches! They must be banned!"
Ok, maybe not word for word, but you get what I am saying. Someone is history actually sat down with a serious intent to prevent fake moustaches causing laughter in  church. This was their life! This was all they had in their life. This was what got them up in the morning and got them to sleep at night.

Life was so much simpler back then..........and simple in more ways that one.

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