Sunday, 26 October 2014

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The Next Step in #Mashion and #Meauty

What the hell does the future hold for #Mashion and #Meauty???

" In order to be one of the Bloggers, you must go through the initiation process"
Over the past few weeks the whole #Mashion and #Meauty series on this website has hit a new turn. From something that was originally a novelty, playful look at the world of the #bbloggers and #fbloggers world has moved onto something a little more respected and liked.......who knew huh?

For the past few weeks I have discussed with friends and other bloggers on what they would want to see from #Mashion and #Meauty posts in the future. For a while the #Mashion side has taken over and filled many of the gaps with comedic and humorous Red Carpet reviews focusing on the whole "Celeb Fashion" world. These have been a right laugh and I will continue to do these as long as people enjoy reading them. But I felt that the #Meauty side was being neglected.

So, I had the #Mashion side sorted. The odd post on why Taylor Swift is dressed like a curtain you'd find in the back alley of  ice rink is fine, but that's just the #fbloggers world being taken on. What about the beauty side? the #bbloggers world? The world that spawned many greats such as Zoella, Tanya Burr, Ruth Crilly and The Chuckle Brothers.............Ok, maybe one of these are not spawned from that world........but how funny would a Chuckle Brothers Make up tutorial be? Seriously, that would be hilarious!.........Don't pretend you ain't thinking about that right now!.......To me/To you!

Anyway, The Beauty side #Meauty needed something to kick start that side and continue my challenge to immerse myself into this world and simply, have a laugh whist being creative. So what I am proposing and trying to set up are

  • Product Reviews! 
  • You Tube Videos!
  • Tutorials!
They are the THREE main things I want to try and attempt. They may work, they may not! Let me break down how I can bring my unique, fresh and honesty to these with my obvious tongue in cheek and humour too

Product Reviews
This is simple. I will get products and brands and take a look at them from my Male perspective. From make up to beauty products. I will give my opinion on these items as much as I can with the help of other people I know who may try them, which saves me the torture of trying them all! I mean as much as you guys want to see me try on the newest lipstick, I could turn this whole blog into something different. I will play around with this whole set up and structure and try and show what guys think when they see the crazy tool you ladies use on your face.

You Tube Videos
I am already doing weekly videos for the Radio Station I work for and it gave me the buzz to do more connected to this website. These hopefully would include many of the TAGS you #bbloggers and #fbloggers do, as well as some collabs with a few people I know that I have in mind. These should be very exciting and I am sure I can bring my quirky persona I seem to have on my podcasts and radio show to this.

Now this is more tricky. whether these are done in video format or not it is my aim to try and teach people how to do certain things simply by the knowledge that I know. This is the hardest and most ambitious part of the challenge so it may be very sparse.

So there you go. The whole point of this post was to see the feedback and ideas you guys have at #BBloggers #FBloggers and #LBloggers to help @MashionMeauty become something Unique, Fresh and Funny. I want to offer and entertain something different than the usual posts in the twitter timelines.

What do you think? Interested? Fancy doing a collab? Throw those ideas at me people.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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