Tuesday, 25 November 2014

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AMA 2014 Red Carpet Review | #Mashion & #Meauty

Another #Mashion Red Carpet Review! From the #AMA2014 American Music Awards 2014

Does the Red Carpet match the....oh no that won't work as a sub heading

Another Awards show passed me by this week and I thought I would catch the tail end of it and do another #Mashion Red Carpet review seeing as I hadn't done one in a while and these were the posts that seemed to gain some popularity. So here is my Red Carpet Review on the recent  "American Music Awards"

1.Elizabeth Banks (or Shue): The Hunger Games Actress looks extremely like Elizabeth Shue here!...What do you mean "Who's Elizabeth Shue?".....She's the actress from "The Karate Kid!"....No not the one with Mini Will Smith! The original with Ralph Macchio!......What do you mean "Who is he?"......Hands up who is reading this under the age of 25.......Fuck I feel old!........Anyway, love the shoes, love the pale skin, Love Elizabeth.........Eizabeth Shue is also from "Back to The Future part 2 and 3"!.....The time travelling one!.......Oh Fuck off! 

2. Blonde Lady: No idea who this lady is, but she looks likes somebody who presents day time telly in the US. Am I right? I don't care. Lovely dress here, great colour! Reminds me of a bottle of cheap supermarket orangeade. You know the one that is blatantly full of colouring to disguise the fact it tastes like armpit.

3. Jenny from the Block: Good "Old" JLo! The lady seems to be doing the impossible and looking great at her "old" age!....Ok I joke on the "OLD" quip simply because the the media seemed to focus on the fact she is in her 40's and been around for a "long" time and pretty much saying how "Old" she is but still has it! Apparently getting "old" is a shock in the showbiz world. Plus any old lady who wants to wrap a sheet around her as a dress deserves my attention

4. The Attention Seeker: I have no clue what so ever who this is. In fact I struggled to find any information on this woman in my five seconds research for this post.....you don't expect me to research stuff do you?......Shame on you!. Anyway, She might as well of turned up naked. I get the whole Burlesque/risque angle here, but what has this got to do with music?....is she a musician?.....do her boobs sing?

5. The Swift: A few past #Mashion Red Carpet reviews have been a little harsh on little Taylor. Over time I have seen the light and grew to love her as a musician, artist and downright legend. This girl knows how to play the fame game and media circuit. She also looks great in this dress........She looks great in anything

6. I Want to Heidi Klum: I think this is the model Klum, but am not 100% sure. if it isn't please comment below and tell me who she is and what she does so I can forget it almost immediately. regardless, this is a horrible outfit. a bland black dress with added paper sashes you would buy from hobbycraft. And the shoes?!..........No thanks! 

7. Rita PHWOAR-A: Ok, much like Taylor Swift I have changed my opinion on this girl! The Budget Rihanna is fast becoming a sexy lady in my eyes!....until she speaks! I can't stand her voice and not a fan of her songs....BUT she does have some decent fashion sense! This Massive "in yo'face" Banana fighting with Big Bird inspired dress could be a disaster on many women, yet Rita rocks this and looks great!

8. Fergie: Where has the sexiest member of The Black Eye Peas been? She looks great doesn't she?! Less plastic than many photos I have seen of her, but great hair, great leg, great simple dress......I'm sorry I don't know what to write as I just spent 30 minutes watching her music videos on You Tube!.....I Like My Humps!......That was a tune!......It's in your head now isn't it?!..........My Humps! My Humps My Humps My Humps!

9. Kardashi-enners: Wow three beauties right?! I believe the three girls are Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian.....Am I right?.....If so, I am going to have to stop reading OK magazine on my lunch break! All three of these "talented" ladies look great, BUT i am sure the girl of the moment (Kylie?) is getting the attention with her vampish style and looks! Kendall looks pretty model-esque and gorgeous whilst Khloe looks happy to be there.

And that is it from me today! Thank you for reading. If you agree/disagree/don't care about my opinions on these ladies, please throw me a comment below or simply tweet me @BarkerPODcasts and/or the new @MashionMeauty

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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  1. Replies
    1. haha I am glad me and you are on the same page as always ;-)

  2. taylor is amazing, she always impresses me...however Fergie looking really classy and elegant, but I hated J-Los look, she has an amazing body yet that dress is trash xxx


    1. Yes I am a fully fledged member of #TeamSwift!! Agree on J-Lo's look! it really does seem like a wrap around, cant wait to get dressed look ha

  3. Rita rocked the yellow.
    And, I always think Taylor looks awesome. Well, nearly always, obvs.
    Glad your opinion has changed on Taylor - you're gonna become a little swiftie :D

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

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