Saturday, 8 November 2014

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Bloody Big Cupcakes!

#NOTlistening Ep.149 - A Bloody Big Cupcake #NOTinteresting Episode!

Breaking Stupid World Records, so You don't have to!
Here is another catch up post on some previous #NOTlistening Podcast Episodes. In this Episode   | #NOTlistening Ep.149 - A Bloody Big Cupcake! | myself, Will and Ash discuss some of the strangest world record attempts and successions from around the world.

I love doing these #NOTinteresting Episodes as I actually have a chance to sit back and listen to Will and Ash educate me with some random facts and trivia that I was never aware of. I would never call myself stupid, far from it, but I can something fall into a territory of ignorance and not be full aware of certain every day things.

I am pleased how these podcast episodes still manage to be entertaining and interesting in equal measure. I fully recommend you try and listen back to all the #NOTinteresting style episodes.

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