Thursday, 13 November 2014

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Dapper Laughs | She Knows....But do we?

So this whole Daapper Laughs thing.......

Oi Love! Wanna read my blog? Yeah it's well big!....Yeah, She Knows....#Naughty

Ok, the internet and media world broke this week,and I am not talking about those photo's of Kim Kardashian's Arse balancing a drink.....or baby.....or other crazy items that internet meme creators photoshopped. I am talking about the whole #DapperLaughs debacle that ended up with the "Killing off of the character".

So, if you haven't been living under a rock, don't go on social media or simply have better things to do with your time, then you will have heard/had an opinion/ranted/blogged about the whole Dapper Laughs situation and your thoughts on it. Well here is where I stand on the whole matter, and I am pretty sure this whole post will go two ways
  • Make NO sense and probably end up annoying and offending a few people
  • Make perfect sense and probably end up annoying and offending a few people
Now, before I continue this post ISN'T a bashing on Dapper Laughs nor is it a post where I support his antics. What I really wanted to say was focusing on "Why and HOW we got to this point in the first place"

Dapper Laughs hasn't just appeared overnight. He is a comic creation that has been around for a good few years online and built up quite an impressive audience. He seemed to master the art of VINE and was able to create content that was deemed funny, hilarious, entertaining to the hordes of people that frequent that site daily. My main argument with this is.

"Just because somebody has a lot of followers, DOESN'T mean they are good at what they do!"

That statement can be ripped to shreds, I know, but I stand by it. The reason I stand by it, is because it is MY PERSONAL OPINION. I have seen plenty of people, Famous and Not, online with a huge fanbase. This can range from Bloggers to Comedians to Singers and even Reality TV Stars. Many of these have NEVER once shown their face on TV or had a Top 100 Single, yet they seem to have honed into a demographic that will build them up into some kind of "celeb-like" status. Plenty of these people do things in their "so called" profession and in my personal opinion, not very well. I am NOT a fan of a certain amount of "You Tubers" yet they will constantly get Hundreds and Thousands of views on their channel. Me not liking them does not make me right in saying they are bad, all it says is I am NOT their demographic or audience.

I like to consider myself somebody who doesn't bother complaining about something I didn't like. I don't see the point in going on about a movie I saw and disliked. Why would I waste my energy on something I am trying to say I didn't like. I would rather spend my time and effort in celebrating something that I enjoyed. Does that make sense? because it does a fuck load to me, yet I constantly see people on the internet who have NOTHING nice, good or constructive to say. TOO MANY people like that.

Anyway.....Back to Dapper Laughs. As we know, after his recent troubles, The guy behind the vines Daniel O'Reilly, decided to "kill off the character". This is much like Sacha Baron Cohen deciding to kill off "Ali G" or "Borat" or even Leigh Francis suddenly calling time on "Keith Lemon". A man who spends his entire comedy life behind a character falls into one big problem

"A lot of people don't know he's a Character"

Now, I can bet my right bollock, that 90% of all people who found out about Dapper Laughs DIDN'T know he was a comic creation. I am almost certain of it. Want to know why? Because Daniel O'Reilly isn't a clever comedian and never invested enough time in creating this OTT, extravagant and Cartoonish creation so people would look at him and realise what they are seeing is a exaggerated look into the "LAD banter" world. Also he wasn't very good at doing the one thing that makes "Comedy Characters" work in this way

"Most of the time the joke was never on him!"

THIS is the golden rule in creating a "Persona" or sorts. People have argued recently that Keith Lemon has said some derogatory remarks regarding women, and if you really take half of his script out of context, then he kind of has! I mean Keith Lemon makes it acceptable to say he will "smash someone's back doors in" and "I'd totally ruin you". Keith Lemon, whether you are a fan or not, can get away with this because 9 times out of 10 he does it so the joke falls on him. He is a wannabe lofathio. A man who believes women will take him serious. A man with the fashion sense of a 1980's low rent male stripper. Women don't take him serious because 
A) He is laughable
B) He is so obviously not being serious.

The Same with "Ali G" who is a completely laughable creation that has the ability to say some really crude, borderline racist and offensive things. The reason the joke works is because it is clearly a joke on the character. "Ali G" was a white man thinking he was Black and from the streets. The entire set up is for him to be the main core of the joke and everything around him be his set up.
Dapper Laughs, maybe not his own fault, seemed to gather an audience who weren't sure whether this guy was serious or not.

I have seen many of his Vines, and although a few are pretty funny, including the ones where he DOES put the joke upon himself and have some great comic timing, many of them seem to grow into a world and demographic where it seems ok to talk to women like he owns them. Now I, as a man, can not sit here and talk about sexual equality. I don't know what it is like for a woman to be oogled, pestered and leered at by a certain breed of men who believe it is ok to treat women like a weaker gender. I am also not to sort of guy to disrespect women simply because I don't like disrespecting anybody. Gender is irrelevant. People should always be treated with respect unless they are complete and utter arseholes, and that is a different matter.
Dapper Laughs fell into a trap where he became the victim of his own success! He got bigger and bigger online and had a demographic of fans that would be pigeon holed into "Students, Lads and Geezers". You know the types of guys who buy "Nuts" magazine and oggle Page 3 with the grunts of a man who has an erection 24/7. The Types of guys who spend most of the day talking about what they would do to Megan Fox if she walked by. The Types of guys who go out on a night out and think touching a woman's arse whilst she dances is the same as politely asking if she would like a drink.
Now, before I come across as a guy who hates guys and is only saying these types of things to get women on my side, STOP! This ISN'T about gender! I am sick to death about gender stereotypes and living in a world where you have be a certain way so you can be called a "Lad" or be "One of the boys" without being called Gay or something. I LOVE women, maybe more than these so called "Lads" simply because my love of women reaches the fact that I respect them enough to not want to belittle or hurt them.
Surely if these types of men, that seem to think being derogatory towards women is ok, say they love women this much, then why hurt them? It would be the same as saying 
"I love McDonalds! I absolutely adore a McDonalds" and then when they get one they take it out the bag and throw it against the wall laughing. Why? if you fucking love women so much, fucking show it!!

Ok, I am ranting here. Probably making no sense and going completely off point. Ok, I'll try and wrap up what I set out to say.
With all this said, I honestly don't think Daniel O'Reilly AKA Dapper Laughs meant for all this happen. I believe he fell into the trap of getting famous, having positive feedback from a certain audience and believing that "EVERYBODY" was in on the joke, that nobody had told him before, wasn't very funny or clear. The Fact ITV2 decided to capitalize on this guy was a major fail on their part. They got sucked into a world of thinking loads of RT's and Shares means you are the cream of the crop of your art. Dapper Laughs got a golden ticket from the wrong platform. Dapper Laughs was sold a pipedream. Dapper Laughs was given a fancy new suit, a TV Show, a Shit load of cash, A Lifetsyle to rival a Rock Star and then put on stage in front of "The Loose Women" crowd and left to crumble under triade of criticism he received. ITV simply washed their hands on him almost 24 hours after a "rape" related stand up joke was filmed and leaked. Rape IS NOT funny, yet it is a "taboo" subject that almost all adult orientated comedians have played with. Many get away with it because they are clever in the way they present a joke around that subject, but many have failed and it has simply become a bad taste joke. Dapper Laughs was never clever enough to get away with touching on this subject. The moment he entered into a spotlight and talked about "Rape" he was set up to fail. It is irrelevant whether he was saying "He is NOT condoning" rape because his audience are NOT clever enough to take that information in.
I guess I am passing a huge slice of blame on the people who seemed to take this Dapper Laughs character for real. People that never got that joke. People that looked at this guy as somebody with confidence rather than seeing him as a guy taking the piss out guys who think they are god. 
I can see what Daniel O'Reilly was trying to do. At one point in his evolution of Dapper Laughs, I believe he got where he wanted to go with the character but was diverted by the mass of idiots who weren't reading from the same book.

I suppose in summary of this long winded post....seriously why are you still reading this?......I guess I am saying this whole Dapper Laughs thing is something I look at with both sympathy and trepidation.I feel sorry for Daniel O'Reilly because his comic creation that he believed was his meal ticket to a career in show business has suddenly made him almost un-sellable. I worry that this guy will struggle to break into comedy again or be taken seriously (which is ironic because the aim of Dapper Laughs was to NOT be taken seriously). I also fear for the future of comedy and risque subjects. I am not a fan of censoring everything, I believe people, especially comedians, should be able to touch on life in all aspects. If they want to attempt reaching out for Taboo subjects then go for it, but be warned that the world is watching and many people online are very unforgiving if you mess up.

So, there you go. The longest post I have ever written and I have a feeing it makes no sense. If so, I tried to explain what was going on in my head, but if it did make sense I hope it gives many of you a different look on what has happened this week. 

Either that or you simply don't care and I have written something that makes me look like a twat with too much to say.......Oh well it's the internet innit.

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  1. Couldn't have said it better! I watched the pilot knowing he was a character but it was all done in the wrong context. I agree its both itv2's fail and bad acting on his part.

    It was just total cringey viewing that they really think this dude could help laaaads get dates when all they did was completely change the guy and forget to just teach him to stay calm and be himself. Dating shoes in general are awful