Tuesday, 4 November 2014

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#FirstTime | The First Time TAG Post

I was Tagged for the #FirstTime Tag....So I did it....Obviously.

A Tag about remembering the first times? Ah, Man I can't remember anything, remember I told you?

I got TAGGED!! The Lovely Bloggers over at "Saving Faces" tagged me in this TAG about "First Times". So, getting involved with the bloggers world means I have met some great people and started to try and do these TAG things that I have seen around so often. The girls tagged me via @MashionMeauty but this will cover me for @BarkerPODcasts too.
So here it goes!

First blog post?
I used to have a blog years ago!, I am pretty ancient don't you know?! I am nearly 30! so i started up a blog as far back as 2003 I think, but I can't remember what it was about, just like I can't remember my Myspace password and really wanted to go back and lot of the stupid shit I wrote back then! Anyway I looked back on this blog to see what my "First" post was this post a Post about being hungover and watching terrible horror movies!......wow! fascinating right?
I am sure I wrote more back in the day, and I am sure it was utter tosh too.

Do you still talk to your first love?
Of course I do! She lives with me and we have a baby! If I didn't talk to her, then I would be a proper shitty other half. I thought about this question and was going to say about a girl I dated at school and how I still talk to her via Facebook, BUT I remembered I wasn't in love with her back at school. It was lust, not love, we were too young to really understand what love is.......WOW....getting deep here!...Quick say something funny........Boobnuckles!.........That'll do!

What was your first job?
My First proper job was actually in Tesco working behind the Meat counter. I pretty much went from College to working part time behind a Meat counter and pretending to be a butcher in those swanky looking hats! Did I enjoy it? I was 17 years old, of course not. I wanted to be out getting drunk and doing nothing. I wasn't exactly the most enthusiastic Butcher ever either. Although every Sunday when I turned up with a hangover I would spend the majority of the morning standing in the walk in freezer. That was lush!

Where did you go on your first ride on an aeroplane?
I like the wording of this Question! I don't know why, but I just realised I always say "Airplane" and not "Areoplane". Am I wrong? is that the american way of spelling?....Does anybody care what I am saying?
Anyway, I think the first place I went to, that involved flying was a holiday to Malta back in 1991! So I was 6 years old. I hardly remember the holiday expect I dropped the keys to the hotel room down the elevator shaft......all I remember was a lot of Fat Maltese trying to climb through tight gaps trying to retrieve them and staining their grubby white vests. Some images simply stay with you for life you know.

First broken bone?
The first time I broke a bone was aged 16! Amazing I went that long before damaging myself. I broke my wrist whilst playing football. BUT before you think it was during some crunching tackle,it wasn't. Somebody kicked the ball and it hit my wrist......and broke it. How lame right? I mean who does that?!

First piercing?
I don't have any piercing's nor do I intend to get any. I couldn't deal with piercing's in my skin as I would be far too tempted to rip them out.......Don't ask me why

What was the first sport you were involved in?
Football! I pretty much followed the crowd and joined a football team even though I was fucking terrible and had no interest in playing at a young age. Now I wish I could play football every day, but back then I would have preferred to stay home and watch TV. I started in Goal simply because I thought there wouldn't be much running, but I soon found out letting in 10 goals every game is not a way to make friends.

First concert?
It wasn't a Concert, but more of a Festival. I went to V1999! Yes I first went to V Festival in the summer of 1999! I was a wide eyed 14 year old who had just come back from holiday in Corfu and created a fake holiday romance to impress my then "sex crazed" friends. I visited the V Festival, too young to drink, too young to know better and alone! I ended up alone because the Couple I went with had a massive argument and left me alone amongst the thousands of revellers in Hylands Park in Chelmsford, where I live, It was all fine though, as I managed to find the older sister of the girlfriend and tagged along with them, But they weren't into music I liked so my first festival experience involved watching people like "DJ Shadow" and some punk band that were big in the 90's and probably all dead now.

First fear?
I have never really thought about fears. I know things I don't like, such as 
  • Jellyfish (Where is their face and why can I see through them?) 
  • Spiders (Sneaky little fucks)
  • Moths (In fact any insect with big body's that flap)
  • Not being Happy
I guess the main fear in my life is going through life Unhappy! I hate being unhappy and hate thinking about times I will be unhappy in the future. I am quite an optimistic person, even though I like to play up being cynical to wind people up. I am quite a happy go lucky person, even though I love being self deprecating to myself for comic value. I worry, which I suppose is a fear, about ending up unhappy in life and I don't like that. I suppose from a young age I have always had this fear, which is probably why I am a podcaster, blogger, creative person and idiot. 

So There you go! Thanks to the lovely ladies Natalie and Poppy over at SAVING FACE for tagging me in this. I hope I came across interesting enough that you have gotten to this part of the post. If so please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.
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  1. I've never thought about the lack of face on a jellyfish before. Weird.