Sunday, 9 November 2014

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It's a Barry White Masterclass

#NOTlistening Ep.157 - Barry White Masterclass

Barry White wrote lyrics without any Twist or confusion. He said it how it is!

In | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.157 - Barry White Masterclass | I was joined by Robb McGeary from the band "The Machine Gunn Men" and "The Grizzly Bears". In the Episode we sat down and answered questions sent in to him via facebook.

But before we answered some dark, disturbing and down right hilarious questions, We had a look into a certain Barry White song that had some lyrical genius to them. Make sure you press play and listen to the podcast to find out how, Mr White seemed to sing some classic songs with some of the most basic lyrics known to man. It is hilarious.

Also in the Podcast we share some music from local talent from around Chelmsford and the surrounding areas. These are bands and musicians that have more talent than the entire line up of this years X Factor combined. A Few that are mentioned were:

The Lemoncurd Kid:

Creme De Chevre:

Little Donkey:

Check these guys out!! including the The Machine Gunn Men, seeing as Robb is in that band.

Also why not check out the Video myself and Robb recorded for "The Really Reel Show"

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