Sunday, 2 November 2014

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Madame LALA | Self Tanning for the First Time!

Madame LALA wanted me to test out their Self Tanning product! So I did....

"There was always a reason why I didn't Fake Tan!"

So, after the previous video from this NEW direction of #Mashion and #Meauty, here is the final part of the Leg Waxing/Fake Tanning task.
So the company "MADAME LALA" sent me some Self Tanning mousse to test out. They didn't mind who on, whether it be me or friends and family. Well my family turned down the original option and said

"Well, it's your blog! You do it! Wax the legs and put on the tan!"

Which made sense, considering that I have always said in these posts  that I aim to offer a unique and fresh perspective on the female world of fashion and beauty blogging. Only I could give my full review on a product that is mainly targeted towards women.....Although there are probably half of the Male population in Essex ready to mug me using a stylish comb and steal this product off me, whilst hitting me over the head with one of their loafers.......and then watching them fall over as they runaway because they weren't wearing socks and they slipped bare feet on some sick outside the kebab shop!

Anyway, I waxed the legs! well my girlfriend did. Check the video out here if you haven't seen it yet. And after I stopped feeling the burn, I applied some Self Tan to ONE leg just so I could 

A) Compare and Contrast
B) Look Stupid

That photo looks horrendous! and so it should! I am an amateur, no scrap that, beyond amateur at fake tanning. I didn't know what I was doing! I didn't know how to apply it properly! I simple went into my bathroom and followed the instructions and rubbed it in. It took a few minutes and that was it. Then I spent a good few minutes making sure I didn't have any on my hands and look like a inverted oompa lompa! After a while it blended in more and I was able to tidy it up!


So, after posting these pics to Twitter and other online networks, The colour began to blend and I actually saw the difference. Very Subtle, but also noticeable. I don't think I even used enough if I am honest. But when I went online I received comments that included

  • You have better legs than me!
  • How did you get those legs?!
  • Why am I even following you?
Which are all valid comments, don't you think?

So, I guess the whole point of doing this was to see what I thought of the product! Well if I am honest, I was impressed! I eventually thought it was going to turn me Orange and I was going to resemble a gingerbread man or something! But the glow it gave me actually looked nice. My Girlfriend and Family liked the look and that is when I left them to fight over who got to keep the bottle! Last time I looked, it was a stand off in the kitchen and utensils were being used as weapons! Women can go crazy for Fake tan in Essex apparently! 

If you want to try some Madame LALA properly visit their website or go to and order yourself some!
Follow them on Twitter @MadameLALAUK 

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