Saturday, 8 November 2014

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#Selfie Tags, Blogging Events and You Tube

Delving into the world of You Tube and going to Events! #Mashion and #Meauty took it full throttle last week!

Why would I want to film myself talking to camera? Because I got this far, why not go a little bit further

You may have been aware of this whole @MashionMeauty thing that I have suddenly pushed upon everyone via social networking. If you haven't, then I suppose you have been clever enough to stay away or you are simply ignoring me. Well, it's a fun spin off from this whole comedic site that I am taking to You Tube. The idea was the bring my Male perspective to the female blogging world. I know many male bloggers exist, but I wanted to blog and vlog just like the girls would. Why? because I always like to set myself tasks and challenges that I know the chance of failure is high.

Me looking really awkward with the gorgeous Nicole Dash Jones from Madame LALA. She is too awesome!

Anyway, I created a You Tube Channel and already it has a few videos up there. Including the "leg waxing" and "Madamme LALA" videos. The idea is to keep these videos light hearted and fun, but also in keeping with the vloggers community. Could I be the next Zoella? The Next Tanya Burr? The Next Beauty and Beta? or will I end up the next Sam Pepper?......That is almost impossible because I am not a Grade A C**T.

The other week I attended a Bloggers Event. I attended the #BloggersLoveHub event and met some great bloggers and brands. Now the brands on show were in fact aimed at the Beauty and Fashion world, But that is what #Mashion and #Meauty is all about. Going round and introducing myself to fellow bloggers was a task in itself. Some girls loved the idea, others were totally confused and some girls knew who I was before I even said anything.
At one point a fellow blogger stopped in her tracks and pointed at me and said
"Are you Adam? You the Mashion guy?! The one with the legs!?"
and another girl walked past and simply said 
"I wanna see those legs"
and then walked off. It was a strange and interesting and entertaining day. 

Another Photo with my good mate Nicole! She invited me and now labels me "LALA Guy"
I even had my first "ManlyCure" according to the girls at @ToopandDaley who seemed very keen on the idea of #Mashion and #Meauty. Now, I am terrible with my nails, I never look after them and I bite them like a nervous wreck. I will admit, I kind of liked the simple filing of the nails and the easy tips to keep them looking healthy. I will know look after my nails, because dirty and horrible nails are not a good sight for anyone.

The Manly Cure!! More guys should take care of their nails! Good Job Girls
I managed to grab a quick chat with a fellow You Tuber who got me in for a chat on her channel. Check out the video I am in and watch the video I had with Rebecca CoCo  below.

Also on the You Tube Channel I uploaded a #Selfie Tag where I answered a series of questions set by sombody. I was tagged by the lovely Polly Pocket Beauty who is a great You Tuber. Check the Video here and see what advice I gave to the youth of today!

So, @MashionMeauty is coming into it's own. It is still very much a part of my whole comedy persona within the website and I hope that those of you that are willing to jump on board and join me for the ride, enjoy it, but if you aren't interested, then I hope the podcasts and other stuff here at #NOTlistening keep you interested.

Me and @crissyleighxo and @thatgirlblog23 ! two beauties and a fat dude in the middle. The equally beautiful @VixMeldrew took the photo

I saw a Fashion Show too! This Lady was the best Model I have ever seen! She looked amazing!
The last two pics were courtesy of Laura @ThisGirlBlog23 at so go check her out! 

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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