Monday, 17 November 2014

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Overwatch, GTA V (in First Person) & Samsung's Project Beyond | #NOTplaying #54

It's a news blitzkrieg this week, but before that... WTF Ubisoft? What happened to Assassin's Creed: Unity? And how much longer will people tolerate broken games being released and sold at AAA prices? We also talk about the recently announced Overwatch coming next year from Blizzard, the sequel to one of our favourite games of recent times, Just Cause 3 and the new CO-OP mode for early access darling, The Forest. We also discuss the current state of Elite Dangerous now that a release date has been set in stone, the latest details on Telltale's imminent Game of Thrones series and the breaking news that Samsung is spearheading another technical revolution, this time: 360 cameras for their Gear VR device, currently known as 'Project Beyond'. All this and more on another quite lengthy and news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Reviews Carnage: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity & Rogue

Just Cause 3 announced

From the ashes of Titan comes... Overwatch. Blizzard announces 'hero-orientated' MP FPS

Former Call of Duty Team Members Working on Mutiplayer VR Shooter

The Forest now has CO-OP!

Elite Dangerous Release Date: 16th December

Eternal Darkness back on/The continuing adventures of Dennis Dyack

Tony Hawk on Twitter: "I’m currently working with Activision on a console game for 2015 (along with a new mobile game). I think fans of THPS series will be hyped."

More information on Game of Thrones Telltale Game

GTA V First Person Footage

16 pieces of free DLC for Witcher 3

Gear VR/Project Beyond

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