Saturday, 22 November 2014

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The REAL going's on in a Ladies Toilets! | #Mashion & #Meauty

Why do Girls take so many the toilet?

Pout, Pout, Flush! That is the #ToiletSelfie way!

Ok, So let's face it, we all take #Selfies...Sorry but it has to be hashtagged nowadays simply because it's part of social networking law.....and we ALL do it! Even when you say you don't, you have been part of the whole #Selfie movement that has swept us all.
Now, #Selfies isn't the main focus of this post, yes it's a post about #Selfies but it is a certain type of #Selfie that I want to address. 
The #ToiletSelfie!

As a guy, yes believe it or not I still hold my "man card", I am not alone in witnessing the length of time it takes for ladies to take in the toilet whilst on a night out. Now, I have been out with groups of guys and girls and in the time it takes me to go to a bar and queue up, barge past people, try and get the barman/woman's attention, realising that if I had boobs I would have gotten served hours ago, shout my order across the 1 metre distance, ask them to redo my order as it was wrong, spill it all over someone as I walk back through the now double the size crowd, get across the dancefloor watching as I don't trip over the handbags on the floor (I live in Essex) and getting back to my group with half a pint, an empty cocktail glass and somebodies handbag caught round my shoes....I realise the girls aren't back from the toilet yet!
What is going on in there?

Now us Guys like our "office" time, well I have spent many a time replying to tweets and email whilst enjoying quiet time in the "office". BUT whilst out in a public place a toilet is NO "office". If anything it is a place you can't spend more than 30 seconds in without people beginning to think you are in there looking to pick up a date. Trust me, same rule goes with talking to other guys in the toilet as that is a big NO NO! It doesn't matter if you haven't seen "Jeff" since primary school! You go in, piss and leave! No talking, No chatting, No eye contact! Just in and out!.....and definitely NO #Selfies

So, why do Girls take so long in the toilets? Their make up is already done! Oh no that's right!........Let's take a #ToiletSelfie! I have been out and and seen the following day the posts and photos that go up online. It is great seeing 15 out of 50 photos involving you and the group dancing and having a laugh in the bar or club. BUT then it's the following 35 photos that seem to have been taken in a magical place called "The Ladies Loo" a place where #Selfies seem to take over! 

Girls LOVE a #ToiletSelfie! I see so many of them around. On my Facebook, Twitter you name it! They are everywhere! What is so alluring about a toilet that girls seem to have this automatic urge to whip out their phone and take a snap, pouting in front of a huge mirror amongst a row of cubicles full of piss and shit? It is something men may never understand!

Many #ToiletSelfies can go epically wrong too....

It seems #Celebs...I don't know why I hashtagged that, but it staying in......#Sorry.....Ok maybe i'll stop it now......#Stop....Sorry. It seems the famous ones love taking the snaps whilst in their own toilets at home. Getting out of the shower is a popular one.

Here is my favourite #ToiletSelfie of ALL time! This sums up my whole Theory on Men who just don't get it.

FUCKING Love this!!!
But.........When I recently went to a Blogging Event I thought I would be one of the girls and take a #ToiletSelfie.......#Sorry

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  1. Such a funny post! I loved when you said it don't matter if you haven't seen Jeff since primary school! 😂 x

    1. thanks mate! There is so much to learn about #ToiletSelfi etiquette! haha

  2. I did not know that this was a thing. People take selfies on the toilet, why exactly? Sure, you can answer - why not?
    Mickey sure looks happy to be included in your toilet selfie. Good for him.

    I just racked my brains to see if I have the typical toilet selfie on my blog - I do. But, taking a selfie with your mate in the toilets at a gig is a completely different ball game, right? That's proper cool, I reckon. Ha.

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

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