Sunday, 9 November 2014

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U2 Can SHUT up!

#NOTlistening Ep.150 - U2 can SHUT up! Check it out!

I don't want this for FREE! How Dare you!?

Last month we recorded a Podcast where we discussed a few different topics. We went from U2 and their iTunes hijack to talking about naming your bollocks in support of the #FeelingNuts campaign. In | #NOTlistening Ep.150 - U2 can SHUT up | myself, Will and Ash sat down and aired our thoughts on the now infamous U2 iTunes thing. Did we all over-react to the news a band decided to give everyone with an iTunes account free content? find out by listening to the podcast!

Also, like most episodes of The #NOTlistening Podcast we ramble on about sounds within the movies and we discussed how the sounds from Star Wars are very memorable and why doesn't my knife make that noise when I stabbing slicing something? 

Also we managed to record a short segment in support of the Testicular Cancer online Campaign #FeelingNuts that was a drive to get guys to check themselves and hopefully save lives.
Check out the podcast! it's easy to press play

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