Saturday, 1 November 2014

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Waxing is Stupid! | #Mashion and #Meauty

Waxing is Stupid!! Why do women do it? Well I tested it out and did a video! Watch it and hear me go high pitched!!

"Does Waxing hurt more than Childbirth?"

So, the whole concept of #Mashion and #Meauty hit a new level in the past few weeks. If you want a quick catch up on what it is all about read this post here. Anyway, recently this blog series reached a new platform by going onto You Tube! When I started doing this "female blogging from a males perspective" thing I never intended to go far with it, but because so many people seem to enjoy me being random, stupid and offer a unique perspective on the blogging world, I decided to head onto You Tube!

So, check out the first Video where I get my legs waxed! The leg waxing routine that girls seems to put themselves through is ridiculous! I mean "WHY" would you constantly put yourself through pain time after time? I underestimated the pain a wax strip causes.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't the most painful thing in the entire world, but it is a stinging pain that is needless to say the least! I felt like somebody had slapped me extremely hard on the legs with a hot whip! I also found out that my legs/skin are bloody sensitive so they went red raw and whilst I write this, are still stinging!

So why did I do this, apart from the whole #Mashion #Meauty thingy? Well this was Part One of the task, as the second part was something a lot less painful. I was sent through a Fake Tan by a friend to do some kind of "unique" review on through my #Mashion and #Meauty blog. So my girlfriend decided it would be funnier if I used the products instead of simply talking about them. So that snowballed into what this whole thing has become now.

This whole series is a good laugh, fun and something different. One female blogger said to me
"It takes a real man to wax his legs"
which is such an ironic statement!

Anyway, more videos will arrive and more posts! If you enjoy these, keep on board, subscribe to the channel and enjoy. If not, then go away and enjoy other things.

So there you go! Hope you enjoyed this, if not.....tough shit. Check out all the other #Mashion Posts here:

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