Sunday, 9 November 2014

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Wish you were BEER

#NOTlistening Ep.151 - wish you were beer! Check it out!

We talk about Beer far too much on this Podcast
Another catch up on the #NOTlistening Podcasts. In this one | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.151 - Wish you were BEER | is another #NOTinteresting style episode with Will at the helm once more. In this one we delve into the world of Beer and find out some trivia and facts about the world of Beer and it's inception. 

Over the years we have been doing this podcast, I have only just realised that we seem to like talking about beer a lot. How much can you really talk about beer? It seems loads! We seem to enjoy starting stories off with 
"We were out drinking..."
"I was down the pub..."
BUT we don't consider ourselves drunks(!). Beer is a fascinating topic simply because it is a good starter down the pub with people.

Listen to the #NOTinteresting style Episode now and find out more about the liquid that we seem to drink like it's going out of fashion.

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