Thursday, 11 December 2014

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Diamonds are a #Mashionistas Best Friend? | #Mashion & #Meauty

What do I know about Diamond Rings? #Mashion

Diamonds are a #Mashionistas Best Friend?...

Casey Batchelor at Mahiki for Vashi 7th Anniversary  
So, I have been doing this #Mashion and #Meauty for over a year now and it has led me down paths I never expected to go down. I have spent time doing Red Carpet Reviews, Chatting about types of make up and even delving into the world of You Tube.
Now, I have been given the opportunity to step into a territory which I am very unfamiliar with. Recently a lovely lady approached me to discuss a certain Diamond Expert's brand in my own #Mashion way. Now, me being the type of guy that I am simply breezed through the request with a "Sure, why not" without really thinking about what the hell I was going to write.

Ok, the world is Diamond Jewellery, something I am not fully up with. As a guy I don't tend to wear rings or necklaces. When I was in my early teens I think I owned two rings. One Gold one that had my initials in it, which was my Dad's until I took it off playing football and left it in the field. The Other being a silver Union Jack one, which luckily I decided made me look like a Chav so I lost this on purpose. I also had a solid silver chain I got from my trip to India, but that liked to leave a green mark around my neck.

So......VASHI - Your Diamond Expert!

1 carat tennis diamond bracelet in white gold: £1,837
The Above Bracelet was worn by Rita Ora at this years GQ Awards! Now we all know I have become quite the fangirl of Miss Ora recently and it seems she is endorsing the products this man has to offer. What do you girls (and guys) think of the bracelet? Sooo many diamonds! I feel nervous just looking at it, incase I break it.

0.41 carat white gold classic prong diamond engagement ring: £1,499
Looking into this guys website, and reading his rise to becoming a mega Diamond Expert is both impressive and pretty inspirational in my book. This guy has raised his profile through the socialite circuit, TV and more. This guy knows good diamond jewellery.......and I know naff all!. I was looking through the pics of the rings and to be honest I was none the wiser on all this diamond business. It was my aim to try and find out and educate myself. Do you want to know what I discovered?......Well I discovered that the reason I probably got dumped in my teens was because I was buying my Girlfriends shit from Elizabeth Duke and thinking that was legitimately high end stuff!

White gold and diamond pearl earrings: £499
Blue sapphire and diamonds engagement ring in white gold: £1,609
I feel so out of my depth, and quite poor, when it came to looking at these items. The photos simply shone on my laptop and made me feel like a pauper! I feel like I was being intimidated by this shining, silver thing of beauty and that it held the power. Is this how women feel with diamond encrusted jewellery? Is there some sort of subconscious power trip that comes with them? Can somebody lend me a ring for the day just so I can feel like a Queen....I mean King!

0.41 carat tension setting princess cut engagement ring in white gold: £2,079
I wasn't sure what a pendant was before. I always assumed it was some kind of flag thing given out at football matches before the game. Either way, I love snowflake pendant! 
White gold snowflake diamond pendant: £399
The pricing alone goes to show the seriousness these items demand. I remember talking to a friend of mine who bought his girlfriend, now wife, an engagement ring that cost him over two grand!......How the hell he is my friend I will never know. He said the ring should cost at least 3 paychecks! If that is the case, then I understand why Elizabeth Duke seemed like the right choice as an unemployed teen with £15 pocket money a week.
Anyway, I am slowly getting the grasp of this whole world of Diamond Jewellery. Will I ever afford to treat my other half items like this? Probably not. I went old school and instead of buying an engagement ring I got the ring her Dad gave her mum when they got engaged............#Score Made me look proper sensitive and I was able to buy a Playstation 3 with my paycheck that month.

Vashi with the Gorgeous Nicola McClean at Mahiki
So, fancy having a look yourself and maybe giving your boyfriend a hint? I am sure many girls will be drooling over these items and if so, Please let me know so I can pinpoint you out of the crowd.
Go Visit the webiste and see for yourself.

And that is it from me today! Thank you for reading. Please throw me a comment below or simply tweet me @BarkerPODcasts and/or the new @MashionMeauty

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