Sunday, 28 December 2014

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Her Name is John! | #NOTreading

Her Name is John! Just get over it!

Hey, Guess what, it doesn't matter...

So, Angelina Jolie is in the news this week! She has a brand new film out that she directed and is on the warpath of promotion! We all need to listen to her and see how she sells this film to us. Many film companies use certain tactics to sell a film nowadays, BUT I never saw this coming.
Using your daughter as promotional bait to sell a film? Actually using your daughter, who wants to be known as your son called John as a promotional sell to get publicity?! Surely not!!

Ok, I wonder how many have actually read up to this part! If so, well done! because all what I wrote up the top is utter bullshit! I don't believe what I wrote for one second, because If I did, then frankly I would be a total idiot who doesn't deserve to speak freely in public. If I actually believed that Angelina Jolie would use her child's gender exploration (and thats what it is) as a promotional tool to get press, then I would be as fucking naive, petty minded and downright a lot of the internet that I have seen over the past few days.

Let's summarize a little for anybody who is a bit lost. Recently the internet went wild when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's biological child Shiloh decided that she wanted to be called John and dress like a boy.......that's it! Apparently in 2014 this is big news! A Young child wants to be known by another name and dress in clothes that are usually associated with the opposite gender......I feel like I am missing a major chunk of this out somewhere, I mean does this child then want to become a Dictator and rule a country? Does this child want to dress up as a boy and then travel the world slaughtering animals for the sake of a god they have made up? Does this child want to be called John, so she can then go online and steal all the credit card numbers of anybody named John?.....What the fuck is the story?
Oh that's right! A Little child wants to explore who they are.....simple as that!

When I was 8 years old I wanted people to call me Sir FartyPants and wear wellington boots every day! Was that wrong? Of course not! I looked like a twat, but I didn't care because I was fucking 8 years old! At that time in my life I just wanted to do stuff that I thought was cool. Being called Sir Farty Pants seemed like the greatest idea at that time. Did anybody call me that? I can't remember because when I was 9 I wanted to be called Leonardo! Why? I don't fucking know, I was 9!
So Shiloh wants to be called John?! Big fucking deal, let her be called John! Let her dress in boy clothes. When I was younger I knew loads of girls who were "TomBoys" and looked more boyish than me! One of them even wanted me to call her Jack! Did I? of course I did. Why? I don't fucking know, I was 8 years old!
This girl I knew then grew up to be a beautiful girly girl! It took her years to suddenly get into the feminine world, but she did and now when I see her on facebook, she's bloody gorgeous!

*Note I wonder if that girl reads my blog. if you do, its you!

Anyway, if this whole thing actually means Shioh/John is actually transgendered then so be it. Good on the parents for letting this child explore their gender at an early age. If this is infact the case, then this will be something they will deal with more help and support from the right Doctors and go down the right avenues. This would be something that has fuck all to do with anybody else.

If this is simply an 8 year old girl deciding she likes boy things over girl things and likes the name John, but at the age of 13 suddenly goes through puberty and starts to like girly things, then so be it. Again this is a fucking non story. All those people who have jumped online to judge and ridicule the parents for allowing their child to express themselves, then shame on you you fucking idiot.

We live in a world where we tell our kids we love them no matter what............but not is they want to do something that a few people might not agree with!

Fuck you Judgemental people! This child is 8 years old! Go back to trawling the internet for other non stories to cry about, just so you feel important that your petty mind has actually done something.


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