Tuesday, 2 December 2014

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Katie Price AudioBook | #NOTlistening

Ep.160 - Katie Price AudioBook | #NOTlistening Podcast

Fancy Listening to a Katie Price AudioBook?

In the Recent | #NOTlistening Podcast Ep.160 - Katie Price AudioBook | I had the pleasure to sit down with comedian and great guy Garrie Grubb and have a relaxed and chilled out chat. In the Episode, which can be heard HERE, the two of us simply recorded the most laid back and chat filled podcast I have ever recorded.
It never intended to go that way, but after we had recorded The Radio Show "The Really Reel Show" (Which can also be heard below) we pressed record on the podcast and we suddenly relaxed into a cool, mellow, funny and random show.

Have a listen and enjoy Garrie Grubb read out the synopsis of the latest Katie Price AKA Jordan Book. He makes it sound far more exciting than it sounds, trust me.
Also here is the Link to Paulo Morena, the guy who we played during the show

Here's the Really Reel Show I did with Garrie back in November

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