Monday, 1 December 2014

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Tales from the Borderlands, The Elite Dangerous Premiere & more! | #NOTplaying #56

What would you like first? The good news or the bad news? Fear not listener, for you needn't decide! It's all been taken care of! On this week's episode we get the chaff out of the way first, with an update on the status of Ubisoft's broken-on-arrival Assassin's Creed Unity and the ultimately ill-fated kickstarter project that involved actually bleeding it's players out for charity. We check in on the next batch of Telltale adventures: the recently released Tales from the Borderlands and their imminent take on the Game of Thrones mythos. Finally, we check in on some big online games such as the recently re-invigorated World of Warcraft and the soon-to-be-released Elite Dangerous, which had it's premiere event recently at Duxford Imperial War Museum. All this and more on another news-stuffed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Ubisoft may consider early access in future

Assassin's Creed Unity - Live Updates / State of the Game

No Direct X 12 for Windows 7 :(

Kickstarter for device that makes you bleed out (donate blood) when you get shot in game lol - NOW SUSPENDED

Device that gives you electric shocks when you get shot

SCORN (lol) :An atmospheric first person horror adventure game with a heavy Giger influence and VR support.

Armikrog - From the creator of The Neverhood.

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 1 out now - good reviews.

Telltale's Game of Thrones now available for pre-order on Steam, HBO cast confirmed. December release date

Playstation Vue for PS3/4

VR Job at Apple

Heists coming to GTA Online on Next Gen/PC

Mental. Wow subs back up to over 10m!

Sweden wants to label games that promote gender equality

Elite Dangerous Premiere event surprises: Cap ship reveal, single player access ahead of release date, iOS app

Elite Dangerous Trading Tool

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