Wednesday, 21 January 2015

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#GIRLspiration with @Blonde_Vision | Karen Brady

Blogger Lauren @Blonde_Vision tells us her #GIRLspiration

The Most Powerful Woman in Britain? Well this #GIRLspiration choice thinks so

#GIRLspiration is HERE! These posts will feature fellow bloggers out there and the "Girls" that inspire them in their everyday life. It's a bit of fun and froth.

Today we let blogger Lauren answer the silly questions I put forth to her. Check out Lauren on Twitter @Blonde_Vision and visit her blog
Lauren went for a Power Woman today!

So Take it away Lauren....

1. Who is your #GIRLspiration and Why? How does she inspire you?
My #GIRLspiration is Karen Brady for her entrepreneurship, influence and power in a male dominated industry and for always championing women in business.

2. You and your #GIRLspiration are stuck in a lift together. What do you ask her? How do you act? how would you react in this situation?
I’d probably be pretty calm, I’ve learnt the art of staying calm in my job. I’d be asking her for her pearls of wisdom for the business world and all the advice I can get. Oh and what Lord Sugar is like behind closed doors!!

3. What is your #GIRLspiration 's style? Do you try and copy it? Summarize her style in a few words.
Karen Brady is always the epitome of sophistication, elegance and class which is definitely something I try to incorporate into my work wardrobe. Dress like you’re already at the top!

4. Your #GIRLspiration comes to you crying and drunk after her split from a certain person! What advice and words of consolment would you give her?
Why does one of the most powerful business women in the UK need a man?!

5. You get a Film role opposite Your #GIRLspiration! What is the film about and what is your role?
Ooh Devil Wears Prada esque movie… I’m Andrea obviously and learn from the best (Karen Brady) then go on to run a multi-billion pound successful business. Umm is this a movie idea or my dream?

6. Finally. How does your #GIRLspiration make you feel better about yourself?
Looking at what Karen Brady has achieved helps me continue my motivation and determination in the professional world. We should all champion and encourage women in business!

Thank you Lauren for the answers. Now it is YOUR turn to answer the Questions! Pick a #GIRLspiration and email me the answers to the Q's above and I'll get you on the blog!!
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