Monday, 12 January 2015

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Golden Globes 2015 Red Carpet Review | #Mashion & #Meauty

It's #Mashion and #Meauty time with The Golden Globes Red Carpet Review!

Who are you wearing? The One Question that makes no sense.....Expect on a Red Carpet

JLO! Looking HOT!
It's 2015! It's January! It's time for more fucking Red Carpet Reviews!
So, #Mashion and #Meauty revels in this awards season malarky as I get to do more Red Carpet Reviews featuring the cream of the crop of Hollywood. The Golden Globes were this weekend and it was full of celebs flaunting and flapping about on that carpet that is red!
So....What the fuck were they wearing, Let's find out

Rosamund Pike: The Gone Girl Actress has apparently "just" had a baby according to the orange lady on E!. Like "just" had a baby and is now on the Red Carpet! So either she is the best looking "post pregnant" lady ever, or "just" had a baby means she ate a baby!.......or maybe "just" means a few months ago or something. Regardless she looks great for somebody who has "just" had a baby.....whatever the fuck that means

Kristen Wiig: Love this Girl! She is Hilarious! She will do anything to make me laugh....including wearing this curtain rail to an awards ceremony! Hilarious! It is a great joke! It reminds me of the fancy dress outfit Daniel Son from "The Karate Kid" (The 80's One) wears to a party. You remember? He went as a Shower! Curtain and everything!.....No Seriously he did

Laura Prepon: I think that is her name......I don't care! She's Alex from #OITNB to me! Or Donna from "That 70''s Show". Forever ditching the ginger and embracing the Black, gothic look, she looks pretty good in this "Artex Wall" inspired dress! 

Amanda Peet: My crush from the 00's! Amanda Peet looks bored, bitchy and bored of being bitchy. Wearing a dress that looks two sizes two big and resembles the colour of a Parma violet sweet. Not a fan of this, and she doesn't seem to be a fan either......but then again I don't think I have ever seen her maybe her designer was like "Fuck it Mandy, Wear this shit, I'm sick of your attitude! You ain't made a decent film since Evil Woman.....and that wasn't even that great!"

Emily Blunt: The English Rose channelling some Princess Leia in this dress with her hair!......No? Channelling some kind of Ancient Goddess?....No?
Channelling some white?.....Yes! Lots and Lots of White! Pale White! #PalePower

Some Blonde Girl: I don't know who this lady is, but I hate this outfit. It looks like she stole it from somebody else, with all the wrong measurements too. The Person she stole it off is probably glad as the dress was a gift from a designer friend and she had to wear it. This girl did that other girl a favour, as the other girl was able to wear something nice, whilst this girl wore this shit.

Reese With-out-aspoon: Love this! This is a Gown to be proud of! Great looking dress! No jokes here! I love this dress, well done Reese!...........Where's your spoon?

This Girl with the Face: Another lady I don't know. What a mismatch of something I like and dislike. The Black dress part is good, but the rest is horrible. She is the equivalent of having a hamburger and putting a flannel in it! It doesn't work and now I am eating a flannel!.....Plus what's with the eye make up?

Jenny from Forrest Gump: What a hard exterior this lady has! A Hard face and hard dress!......I won't say anything bad about it because......because I am scared she will kick me in  the bollocks.......through the internet!

Catherine Zeta Jones:.....Apparently! I think CZJ has been visiting the same beauty parlours as Renee Zellweger! She seems to have swapped faces with someone else! Don't you think? Lovely Dress distracts from the different face!

Lana Del Ray: Lana Del Ray always looks like she is wearing a rubber mask of Lana Del Ray! I can literally spend hours staring at her face as I find it fascinating. She has the same type of face as Iggy Azalea! Anyway, her mermaid inspired dress is alright.......I seriously can't decide whether I like it or not.

Kate Hudson: YES!! Winner!! Love this Dress! Suits her body shape, Looks gorgeous and is pretty sexy! #MashionApproved on this one! Kate Hudson has never looked better! Even better than her "Almost Famous" days! Love this! BRAVO Kate!

Kate O'Mara: Kate looks really awkward here, as if she got given this dress, put it on, got on the red carpet and then suddenly thought "Did I leave the iron on?" and now she is standing there worrying about it, yet can't do anything about it because she is being photographed and doesn't want to cause a fuss. She will get past the Red Carpet and quickly pop home to find out......turns out she didn't leave it on.....She doesn't have an iron.

Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer Aniston, in my opinion, has never looked as good as she did in Series 3 of Friends! That was the Jennifer Aniston I always think of when I think of JenAn! Since then she hasn't aged, which makes me wonder how old did she look back in 1998 when she started to look like this!........Dress? Meh!........We were on a break!!!!

Katie Cassidy: #GeekAlert This is Katie AKA Laurel from TV's "Arrow" who in Season 3 has become "Black Canary" so I am having a Geek Crush on her right now! Sure her dress is a little cheap looking, but fuck it! She is a Geek's crush dream right now! I am just annoyed she wasn't wearing the "Canary" Costume!

So what did you think of the Red Carpet at this years Golden Globes? Let me know!

Also ONE thing that I saw today regarding The globes was this video of Jeremy Renner and JLo.
This had me in stitches for hours! Check Renners Face at the end!
THUG LIFE! Check it out

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  1. Hahaha so good! So accurate and I agree with pretty much everything, CZJ has a new face and I don't like it! JLo looked hot, she always does *loveheart-eyed emoji*

    1. Oh Man JLO is really showing people that she has no plans to stop looking hot ha

  2. Oh god lana really fluffed up as did kristen wiig and I love her....such a shame! but man the girl from arrow and jlo looked INCRED xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Yeah some dodgy get ups here for sure! BUT Arrow girl YES!! YES! YES!! x

  3. I absolutely agree - Kate looked incredible.
    Also, Catherine Zeta Jones' dress is stunning. She made my top 5.

    But, how, HOW did you not mention Diane Kruger or Anna Kendrick? Seriously, mate, my two favourite red carpet looks from the Golden Globes. You've just completely ignored their existence?! Well, I expect more Kruger and Kendrick appreciation in your next red carpet post :P

    Christina Campbell Hughes

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