Thursday, 15 January 2015

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The Girls of Arrow | #Mashion & #Meauty

Why am I watching Arrow? Well there is TWO reasons right here!

What makes a Geek Love a Superhero Show more?......These Girls

Who watches "Arrow"? You know that Superhero show about a Billionaire who is a secret vigilante at night, fighting crime in the city against some suspect characters! Heard of him? He wears a mask! Know him? He has help from a young protege! Got it? That's right it's Bat......The Green Arrow!!
Ok, so it is pretty much Batman, but hey, I didn't write the thing, I just watch it. Its been around for years, get over it!....Anyway, I LOVE "Arrow" and not just because it's a Superhero tv show, but because it introduced me to TWO awesomely attractive and awesome(!) ladies
Emily Bett Rickards and Katie Cassidy

So what is the reason for this post? Well...........There isn't! I just wanted an excuse to post photos and geek out about two of my #TV crushes, is that so bad?..........yes I know it's pointless, but what the fuck do you expect from me on this website?!
That "Most Innovative" Blog Award is in the bag right?!

Ok, I suppose this post can be used as a kind of introduction to a new series I want to do that involves YOU! That's right! YOU!
I am starting up a new series to go along the #Mashion and #Meauty series that involves lots of Beauty and Fashion bloggers and the "Girls" out there that give you some.........


Awesome name right?........I'm chatting shit again aren't I?

The aim of #GIRLspiration is a chance for you to answer a few fun, silly and informative questions based around a few of the "girls" you admire and look up to. They can be celebs, actors, writers or even fellow bloggers. It doesn't matter! They are YOUR #GIRLSpiration!

Why #GIRLspiration? Well I have been seeing plenty of tweets and posts from many female bloggers and it fascinates me what girls inspire them in life. They range from Feminist ladies to Kim Kardashian to Kate Bush and even Jessica Rabbit. 
I have noticed bloggers like to use this inspiration to enhance their appearence and attitude to life and even how they write a blog post.
I, as a guy remember, I have many guys I look up to for fashion tips and attitudes to life. People Like Ricky Gervais and Rik Mayall are people who I consider influences on the way I look at life.
BUT this is #Mashion and #Meauty and my #GIRLspiration is these TWO girls!

Ok, It's a cheat as they are actually characters and not real people, but I have never let real life interupt my crazy mind! Felicvity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) plays the Geeky, Techy girl who works with Oliver Queen AKA The Green Arrow! Her whole role in the show to be the brains and tech genius to help the masked vigilante. She is an inspiration to many women out there as not only is she smarter than most men in the room, but she is also beautiful and very sassy (is sassy too camp to use?) She doesn't take any shit, let's say that!

And Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is somebody who took 3 seasons for me to warm to! For 2 seasons of the show she was the dullest character. A Lawyer who moaned alot......until season 3 and she became The Black Canary! Now I am kind of enthralled by her appearance and her new found fighting attitude.
She looks great in the suit, rivalling Scarlett Johanson in her Black Widow get up, and looks ready to kick some fucking arse! 

So if you think Arrow is a show all about a guy shooting arrows at people.....then you'd be on the right track, but it has some great characters and it's a brilliant show! This Geek is happy in all departments!

So.....NOW it's your turn! Do you want to feature in the future #GIRLspiration posts? If so, Please Tweet me or Email me at and I will send you the fun Questions based on your #GIRLspirations

And that is it from me today! Thank you for reading. Please throw me a comment below or simply tweet me @BarkerPODcasts and/or the new @MashionMeauty

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  1. Ugh they are perfect but as you said, not going to use it to be jealous it's definitely good inspiration and now I need to watch my boxsets xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Indeed! Watch the boxsets! catch up and get to Season 3 when Laurel (katie cassidy) dons the Canary outfit!