Tuesday, 20 January 2015

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Why a Man shouldn't watch E! | #NOTreading

Why I shouldn't be allowed to watch the E! channel!

What I am Even Watching?.........I'm Addicted

I work! I do a 9-5 job usually so my watching TV schedule is usually based around "catch up" or watching a film or something. Even though I have a Billion channels on my cable subscription, I only seem to watch about 4 or 5 of them!........I pay way too fucking much for what I am watching actually!. Also with a family I don't get much time to channel surf anymore, unless it's CBeebies or Disney Channel.
But! This week I had a rare chance to channel surf uninterrupted and I found myself falling into a portal of "trash" and "weirdness". I found myself immersed into the world of E!

Ok, I have checked and I haven't grown a vagina, but I surfed the channels for hours until ONE show caught my eye and I got totally engrossed and shamefully addicted to.

This show caught my eye for two reasons
1) It has lots of lovely ladies - I am still a guy remember, regardless of what you think
2) It's fucking insane! 

I have watched hours of this show and still have no idea who these women are, what they do and what the hell they are talking about. They spend 60 minutes each episode talking in code about wrestling, dating a wrestler, trying to become a good wrestler, acting as if wrestling isn't scripted, talking about the scripts(!) and then complaining that they hurt their boob in training.

THIS is a show that shouldn't be interesting.....BUT I have a shameful addiction to trash tv and this fits the bracket. I am a Total Divas fan and I have no fucking idea why........Ok They are gorgeous but that's it.....I don't even watch WWE!

After "Total Divas" I was introduced to another show which I watched open mouthed. This show is "Giuliana and Bill"

Now, Please JUDGE me on this! THIS show is fucking hideous and horrendous in so many ways! It's a fly on the wall Reality Show about this very strange lady and her Dr (I think he's a Dr) Husband as they raise their baby and have a life.

Here is what I learnt from watching this show

1. Giuliana thinks very highly of herself. Apparently being a Mum with a Supportive Husband and plenty of money and help is too much for her and she still needs to be looked at as a Working Mum in this life.

2, Giuliana and Bill look like they don't even like each other. In Fact the episodes I watched, it seemed like they had only met each other for the first time before each time they share a scene together.

3. Bill likes to remind Giuliana that he has a PHD or something. Giuliana couldn't give a fuck. She reminds him Hugh Jackman once touched her arse

4. Giuliana likes using herbal medicines and shit to cure her babies cough and illness. Bill thinks Giuliana is a twat for this and gives the child calpol.

5. Giuliana works at E! and does all the Red Carpet stuff. She likes to remind us the audience that is a very tiresome job and takes a lot of hard grafting....and copious amounts of latte's

6. Bill seems like a decent guy. Giuliana seems like a bitch.

7. Giuliana and Bill is a terrible show

8. I am addicted to it already.

So, What the Fuck is wrong with me? Somebody please come and take the remote out of my hands and make me go outside..........do this before I Series Link all the shows and...........Too Late! Its Done!

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