Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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2015 Oscar Predictions, New Ghostbusters Cast Announced & Beetlejuice 2??? | #NOTwatching #36

Time for another Movie News Update on this week's #NOTwatching Podcast! We kick things off with our thoughts on this year's Oscar Nominees - who we think should win, which films probably will and why... Then there's the rumour that Michael Keaton might be riding his currently high profile straight into that long-awaited Beetlejuice sequel and the confirmation that the next Ghostbusters movie will indeed be a 'spirit'ual (get it?) follow-up to Bridesmaids. Looking for a explanation to such a controversial statement? Dear Listener, you know what to do!

Oscar Nominees (Inc. Mini-reviews of Boyhood, Birdman etc)

Amazon putting out movies in Cinemas, then streaming them 4-8 weeks later

Three actors (choreography demigods) from The Raid are in (and possibly working on fight scenes for) The Force Awakens

Hardy out of Suicide Squad

Beetlejuice 2 to shoot end of 2015?

Pegg co-writing next Star Trek movie

New Ghostbusters announced for Summer 2016

Steve Jobs movie started shooting

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