Monday, 9 February 2015

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BAFTAS 2015 Red Carpet Review | #Mashion & #Meauty

What were the Celebs thinking on the Red Carpet at this years #BAFTAS

Thoughts on the Red Carpet

So, These #Mashion and #Meauty Style Red Carpet reviews have been going on for a while now. Celebs wear dresses and I comment on them, even though I have no idea what I am saying. So, I thought this week I would look at the Red Carpet from Sunday's BAFTA Awards and try to work out what the Celebs are thinking whilst being papped on the Red Carpet.
It's easy to work out what somebody is thinking right?.......Let's see.....

ALICE EVE:  Looking Great in Black and with a beaming Smile showing off her Red Lips and Teeth. But we all know she's thinking 
"Why is that man behind me sniffing the air? Did I fart? Just keep smiling, Nobody will know if I flash a bit of leg, Not Angie Leg Bomb, but bit of leg........Has the fart smell gone?"

AMY ADAMS: Love Amy Adams and she looks great here! The Ginger Haired Actress rocks the white dress look.
"If One more fucking Brit asks me if I am Nicole Fucking Kidman one more fucking time, I swear I will fucking shin kick the fuck out of someone!.....Even if it is Tom Fucking Cruise!"

HER FROM GLEE: This lady from Glee ( Diana Somebody...Quinn! I know, I watch it! ) cruises up matching the Red Carpet with her Red outfit!
" So, Let's mess with these Brit's heads! I am wearing this dress and let me put a hand in a pocket!.....WOW! This dress has a pocket! That deserves an impromptu song right?! Let's sing!.....I Got one hand in my pocket!!!!....and the other hand.........erm.......Pocket!!!"

NATALIE DORMER: The Game of Thrones Actress looks edgy and elegant right? She's standing demanding attention.
"I wonder how long it will take before people realise I am actually Babs Bunny from Looney Tunes! I mean nobody has actually asked me yet, But I am sure today will be the day!"

FELICITY JONES: I Love Felicity! She looks Great! She rocked the Red Carpet.
"So....Eddie is getting attention for a film I am in!.......Next time I wanna play the fucking guy in the wheelchair!.....Downey Jr was right in Tropic Thunder!"

SOME LADY: I don't know this lady but she looks destined for Red Carpets.
"So, maybe if I stand awkwardly people won't notice the strange angle my body is at and that my legs are in a weird position........My body hurts!

JULIANNE MOORE: The Awards Veteran rocks the Red on the Red! 
"So....How many films am I nominated for tonight?...Is Meryl Streep Nominated?...She better not be!...If she is I'll fuck that bitch up! That Bafta is mine!....What film am I nominated for again?...The one where I played a crazy, downbeat Ginger? or the one where I played the manic, downbeat Ginger?"

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY: The British Actress always look great on a Red Carpet, Pregnant or Not
" Thank Fuck I am not wearing a Corset!"

LADY IN YELLOW: No idea who this is but I want to put her on top of a white iced cake and eat her
"Can you please help me move? No seriously this dress is too big for me and I can't move.....No Seriously I have been standing here for twenty minutes and nobody has noticed I can't move.......This yellow dress weighs a tonne.....There's a fucking anchor at the bottom I swear!"

PALE GINGER LADY: Again, Another lady I don't know but actually like her dress! 
"I hope Christina Hendricks doesn't turn up!"

"I am a fucking Academy Award winning Actress!.......remember that?! Yes! I won a fucking Oscar and I was in Legally Blonde 2!.....Think about that fuckers!.......Yeah, how did that happen?!.....I'm wearing blue now bitches!.........Take that!"
*Reese is a bitch*

ROSAMUND PIKE: The "Gone Girl" Actress always looks great! I mean Always!!
"So, Black is slimming, I am recently birthed a child, but still look good, I look too good yes? Of course I do, I am Rosamund Fucking Pike, I ooze goodness! Now take me picture and bask in the awesomeness that is Rosamund!"

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  1. Amy adams looked amazing and I am not really a huge fan of hers, and I love Keirra she has had her faux pas but she is looking incredible xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

    1. Agree on Keira! as for Amy Adams, she's a little Dark Horse isn't she?! ha She looks great!