Tuesday, 3 February 2015

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#GIRLspiration with @EmGlobetrotter | Jenna Lyons

#GIRLspiration with @EmGlobeTrotter who picks a Style Icon in the awesome Jenna Lyons.

The Epitome of Hard Work and getting where you want to be
#GIRLspiration is HERE! These posts will feature fellow bloggers out there and the "Girls" that inspire them in their everyday life. It's a bit of fun and froth.

Today we let blogger Emma answer the silly questions I put forth to her. Check out Emma on Twitter @EmGlobeTrotter and visit her website http://theawkwardmagazine.com/
Today Emma chose somebody who I have never heard of. So it is nice to actually find out about somebody I had no idea existed.....and now I kind of want to know more.

So Take it away Emma....

1. Who is your #GIRLspiration and Why? How does she inspire you?

Jenna Lyons, any person who is bullied because of the way she looks & dresses then goes on to head one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. She started at 21 as an assistant designer in men's wear, she is the epitome of hard work getting you where you want to be. 

2. You and your #GIRLspiration are stuck in a lift together. What do you ask her? How do you act? how would you react in this situation?

I fan girl for the first 30 seconds, then I would just be myself with her, reading about her, knowing about her, there's no way I would waste any time I have with her. I would want to know how she deals with criticism, what she looks for in the people she hires and what her business aspirations are. Also I would ask if we could be best friends and to teach me how to rock prints the way she does. 

3. What is your #GIRLspiration 's style? Do you try and copy it? Summarize her style in a few words.

Lyons has a style all her own, she breaks and makes rules. I wouldn't say I try to copy her style, instead I use her style as a source of inspiration, I'm braver with my choices and dress for myself not the approval of others.  Her style is fiercely classic

4. Your #GIRLspiration comes to you crying and drunk after her split from a certain person! What advice and words of consolment would you give her?

Firstly, I don't think she would. However, if she wanted to some support, I would pour us both a whiskey, and say what I say to everyone who asks, if she was giving advice to another person in the same situation what would she say, then take her own advice. It's the best advice I was ever given and serves me well.

5. You get a Film role opposite Your #GIRLspiration! What is the film about and what is your role?

The film is a documentary, it follows us both living each others lives. Always like to see what the reality of other peoples lives really are. 

6. Finally. How does your #GIRLspiration make you feel better about yourself?

She reminds me that even if you start at the bottom, if you work hard and dedicate yourself to your dreams, there is nothing you can't achieve. Her quote "As far as i'm concerned leopard print is a neutral!" is one of my favourites! 

Visit Emma at http://theawkwardmagazine.com/ and listen out for her on the High Tea Cast Podcast once  month aswell as her regular contributions on that awesome site.

Thank you again Emma for the answers.

Now it is YOUR turn to answer the Questions! Pick a #GIRLspiration and email me the answers to the Q's above and I'll get you on the blog!!
Email me at barkerpodcasts@gmail.com

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