Thursday, 19 February 2015

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I Sunk Your Battleship - GIVEAWAY! | #Mashion & #Meauty

Fancy a t shirt for FREE? Well Come here and have a look!

Fancy looking like me?

This is a first for the blog! I have had various things sent to me to talk about and it has been lovely. I have had anything from Hair products to T shirts to even Fake Tan! Being in the blogging community opens up many doors, some which I am far to scared to venture down, but many which are great to expand my niche via.

Recently a brilliant new Streetwear UK brand called "I Sunk Your Battleship" contacted me to introduce themselves to me. Me? why would you want to talk to me? What do I know about fashion? I write silly little blog posts and do rambling podcasts!....well it seems that is what they liked.....Apparently.

The company are a UK based clothing brand which reside in Newcastle. They have their hand in know what? I am going to copy and paste THEIR about you piece, simply because they wrote it beautifully and summed up who they are and what they do so brilliantly. Much better than I could ever manage.

Never heard of I Sunk Your Battleship before? We wouldn’t have expected you to.

Championing the underdog, we are the people who’ve have had enough of niceties and smiling for the camera. Like a band of headstrong sailors, we believe in the power of subversion, and the satisfying feeling of knowing something that others don’t.

We’re heading back to the roots of our island nation, using forgotten naval visual languages of semaphore and flag signals to express our disdain and disinterest in the here and now.

Forget your trends, your fads, your ‘next big thing’; I Sunk Your Battleship present to you the ‘next thing that you probably want to wear’. With one foot on the street and one out at sea, our collection of tees, hoodies and accessories is made from the best sourced materials, meaning you can be as happy as a kid at Christmas in knowing that you’re buying the highest quality product from the UK whilst still looking like the (third-ish) coolest kid in town.

We are sailing on dangerous tides, heading for new horizons and discarding the idea of the fashionable clones that live among us. Our apparel is a new way of telling those who preach at you that you literally couldn’t give a fuck, without the words ever crossing your lips.

Pleased to meet us? You sure as hell won’t be.

We’re not going to tell you that wearing our magnificent clothing will change your life, because that’s a load of bullshit. Our collection will not give you a six-pack, propel you to stardom, or help you get the girl. It will, however, be a mighty fine item for your wardrobe that you’ll be glad you purchased: honest.

So, fly the flag for being yourself, and step aboard the ISYB vessel for a swimmingly good time.

In short: buy our shit. You won’t regret it.

Well Said! I fucking loved that About you write up! That made me a fan of the company right away. Anyway.....This is the exciting part! They sent me a T Shirt to test out and see what I thought. The Tee was covered in the Flag Signs (Semaphore) and at first I was " Oh, Ok, it's a code, wonder what it spells"

WELL.....I quickly found out what it spelt and I was smiling from ear to ear! The Tee was full of profanities in Semaphore coding! I was literally walking around with a Tee that said 
and nobody was none the wiser. I felt like a naughty school kid who had just wrote boobies on a calculator. It was a fun idea and for me, and my humour, it paid off. I see it as a discussion starter. I just can't wait to wear it in front of a sailor who knows Semaphore and spots it.....but you don't get many of them in my neck of the woods.

SO!......Fancy a Tee like me? Well you can! because the lovely people at "I Sunk..." have agreed to let me do a giveaway on the Tee Shirt! So if you are  guy who fancies a chance at getting one then  do what the Giveaway machine says. If you are a lady and have a guy friend you want to give this shirt to, then enter! Or you might want it for yourself! it's a T Shirt! Any gender can wear one right?!

Anyway! ENTER!! Share with your friends and get them to ENTER!
Good Luck!

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  1. Good lookin' tshirt! Catherine (@writealongradio)

  2. Fab, good company to find! @Top_cat81

  3. looks awesome !!!

  4. Always a great feeling to know something others might not, especially swear words on a t-shirt!