Monday, 9 February 2015

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Joystiq RIP, The Elder Scrolls Online going Free to Play, Grow Home & More... | #NOTplaying #63

This past week or so has been a sad time for the Videogame Industry, especially for the fine folk over at Joystiq, who have not only had to deal with AOL closing down their operation, but also the loss of ex-staffer Andrew Yoon, who died tragically in a lake accident on the 30th January. Andrew was a regular contributor on the late great Weekend Confirmed Podcast and if it weren't for that show (and indeed, the Joystiq Podcast) then there's no way this show would exist. The end of an Era it most certainly is.

"The show must go on" though, as they say - and so we have a whole bunch of news for you this week, including an MMO update regarding The Elder Scrolls Online's new pay model and the ressurection of APB for current-gen consoles. We also discuss how the German ratings board are treating VR games seperately to those played on more traditional screens and let loose some info on a bunch of new games announced since we last recorded, including Ubisoft's Grow Home and some actual proper indie titles like 35mm, Virginia & White Night. All this and more on another news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

RIP Andrew Yoon

Joystiq is definitely closing :(

Sony sells SOE

Elder Scrolls Online going FTP March 17, Consoles get it June 9

APB ressurected for PS4/Xbone

New Nvidia 960 series GPU

Different ratings for the same games on Screens vs HMD

Journey Across an Apocalyptic Russia in “35MM”

Ubisoft are releasing a PC game next month called 'Grow Home'

Shape of the World (Official Teaser)


White Night

Identity made it's kickstarter goal

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