Monday, 16 February 2015

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Microsoft's Windows 10 Event, including 'Hololens' | #NOTplaying #64

Microsoft blew the doors off their Windows 10 'event' last month with the announcement of their 'Holographic' AR headset, 'Hololens'. Careful to avoid the inevitable Google Glass comparisons, the marketing message demonstrated some interesting use-case scenarios: from minor home plumbing tasks to playing Minecraft like the digital lego it really is. Microsoft's latest tech is easily it's most far fetched since Xbox Kinect. On this week's show we talk about everything that went down in Redmond on January 21st.

‘Microsoft Hololens’ Revealed, an Untethered See-through AR Headset

'Hololens' won't be another Google Glass

Minecraft coming to hololens

Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for windows 7/8

Most pointless functionality ever. Stream Xbox One games to your PC (Tablet might be a play against Sony's Remote Play functionality?)

Fable Legends will be cross-platform MP on Xbone & PC

Molyneux hilariously warns Microsoft not to do a Molyneux.

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