Saturday, 28 February 2015

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My top 5 Leonard Nimoy moments - A Tribute to Mr. Spock.

Very few celebrity deaths have hit me as hard as this one - the fact that I'm writing this at all pretty much says it all. It really didn't take me long to think of these... The relationship between James T. Kirk and the pointy eared one is one of the most enduring in cinematic history so let's start there I guess, with my number 1:

Star Trek - The Voyage Home 

This was one of the Trek movies that Nimoy actually co-wrote and directed and had the craziest plot involving time-travelling to a contemporary San Francisco & whales. At this point in the saga, Spock is still very much dealing with the events of the last movie 'The Search for Spock' so is at his most strange and hilarious. There's one particular exchange in which he's asked if he might change his mind about something and he replies with "What's wrong with the one I have?" - at the tender age of 7, I found this hilarious. I still do now and it's the first thing I ever think of whenever someone mentions Mr. Spock. I couldn't find the exact clip on YouTube, so you'll have to make do with this:

Galvatron - Transformers the Movie

Although I didn't realise at the time, the very same year, Nimoy also delivered a superbly menacing performance as the reincarnated villain Galvatron in what is still for my money the definitive on-screen adaptation of Hasbro's mighty morphing robot franchise.

Tiny Spock - The Big Bang Theory

I'm actually a few years behind on this show so I only watched this episode for the first time earlier this week. One of the first things I thought when I heard the news of Nimoy's passing was how devasted Sheldon Cooper must be :(

Old Spock

Although JJ Abrams is arguably working on the correct Sci-Fi project now, he didn't do a bad job rebooting Star Trek for a new generation, whilst still respecting it's a legacy. A legacy personified by a cameo from who else?

William Bell - Fringe

Fringe was for me a bit of a mediocre show overall, but it definitely had it's moments, not least of these was the revelation that the infamous William Bell was to be portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, proving that well into his 80s, he was still a screen presence to be reckoned with.

And that's all I have. Leonard Nimoy lived a long and properous life and ended it signing off with the most dignified and profound sentiment:

He will be missed.

Rest In Peace Mr. Spock.


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