Monday, 9 February 2015

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The Grammys Red Carpet Review | #Mashion & #Meauty with Blogging Girl!

A Guest Blogger gives "Her" thoughts on The Grammys Red Carpet!

Whammy at the Grammy!

Sunday was a double Whammy for Red Carpet, Showy Offy Style things, goings on in the world of Celeb. The Grammy's was held in America and compared to The BAFTA's ( Which you can read HERE! ) The Grammy's smashed the Red Carpet! So Many great looks on show for sure.
So, in the Bafta's post I did a "What are they thinking" thing, so this #Mashion post I am going to allow somebody else to do the post!
Please Welcome BG AKA Blogging Girl to the Blog. She is a young blogging girl with knowledge of the Fashion and Celeb world......Plus she is totally a made up character.........or is she!?......No she is!......Maybe.......Nah, totally a creation......of reali.....Fuck it. read the post!

MADGE: Oh...My...God! I mean what the hell is this Grandma wearing?! Is she lost? Has she escaped the nursing home? Why is she dressed like a dominatrix from the 1950's!?! Ergh! This is totes wrong! This is so not suitable for a lady of her age! What is she? Like 40 years old?

ARIANNA GRANDE: What a babe! Love this girl! She can do no wrong! I once saw her in concert and when she left, we waited in the alleyway and got her autograph, she spat in my face because I tried to cut some of her hair for keepsake! She is so edgy right now! I still haven't washed my face! The stickiness reminds me of her!

MEGHAN TRAINOR: I am the world's Number One Meghan fan! This girl has inspired so many girls of all sizes to be happy with their bodies, even if she has lost some weight and looks thinner than last year, and always glamorous and all that. You have to love her support for the big girls out there, I once weighed 23 stone in high school but after I left I had plastic surgery, gastric surgery and tummy tucks on the NHS and at the age of 18 I am a size 6 and loving my curves! us Big Girls must stick together right?!

GWEN STEFANI: OH.MY. GOD! If I look like this when I am in my 60's then I will be happy! Gwen looks great in this outfit that usually only suits young girls like Jennifer Lawrence! She is doing it for the oldies right now! She should be so proud of herself. You go old lady! 

KATY PERRY: K.P is looking great with her blue/purple hair! A few years back I dyed my hair blue to emulate her but it went wrong and my hair fell out and I had to get hair implants on the NHS. Now I have long blonde locks that I think were once owned by a Ukrainian Model who died from drinking Vodka and Bleach to stay thin. 

RITA ORA: I hate this girl! I was met Rita Ora in a Kebab Shop in Hackney after I went out for Hannah Jenkins 18th Birthday! This was in the day when Rita was just making it and she used to hang out of Nick Grimshaw's arse! Anyway, we had a fight, because she spilt chilli sauce over my heels that were specially made for me on the NHS and didn't say sorry. I pulled her weave out! She looks like a Ugly chilli sauce spilling robot bitch here!

TAYLOR SWIFT: I will say it now! Me and Taylor Swift are going to be best friends! She knows it! She once tweeted me a smiley emoji after I tweeted her a thousand times in a row saying how beautiful she looked in a pair of tweed trousers and jumper. Since then I have tweeted her thousands of times and she has tweeted back once or twice and they have made my year! I run several Taylor Swift tumblr's and have a pinterest devoted to her. When I go to Hollywood on money from the NHS, I will meet up and party with Swiftie! She is my soulmate! I mean she looks great in ANYTHING!

IGGY AZALEA: A few years back when I was on Omegle I came across Iggy on the webcam. She said she was looking for fans to help inspire her for her new video. So She found me and we chatted for like ever! I told her she should do a video based on "Clueless" because she was so Cher! She agreed and she did it! In the video, if you pause it at the right moment, you can see her winking at the camera and that wink was to me! She told me! She's so humble. Rocking the blue too!

KIM and KAYNE: I was a fan of Kim way before her days on her hit show! In fact back in the day, I once skipped school and went to France for the day! There I bumped into Kim who was just a chubby Armenian lady with a big dream. I told her to get bum implants on the NHS and head to hollywood! She took my advice and I am so proud of her. She still chats to me on MSN Messenger, as it's her only private use of chat to certain people. As for this outfit, I love it! 

LADY GAGA: GaGa is still rocking it on the Red Carpet these days! Going more glam than crazy too! a Few months back I was in Pret-a-Manger getting a sandwich and she popped in, in disguise. Nobody recognised her, as she was dressed up as a homeless man, but I knew it was her. I bought her a sandwich and in return she sang me "Bad Romance" in a thick Romanian accent before shitting on the floor and getting thrown out! She is such an artist!

BEYONCE: I was always a Bey-Bey fan back when there was 16 members of Destinys Child! I was always there to support my girl. I remember seeing her play a small gig with the other 15 members in a grunge pub in Harlow. This was back when Destiny's Child were a Heavy Metal band and dressed in black and wore masks. I remember thinking "She will make it one day" and years later, a change in musical direction, shes the Queen of everything!  So proud! I was there from day one!

Charlie XCX: New on the scene, but I actually went to school with her. We shared a few classes together and, I shouldn't say this, but one time we had detention together and we shared a kiss. We are not lesbians, but we wanted to experiment you know! We swore never to pursue it and we would go on with our lives. I am happy Charlie is doing well! And I am glad she shaved off that beard and changed her name from Malcolm to Charlie. She is such a star. 

So there you go! You got a look into my world! Hopefully I'll come back soon to the #Mashion World and do more. Do you want me back?
Anyway, Laters peeps! Stay Inspirational!
BG x

What did you think? Did you like BG and her thoughts? Let me know.

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