Sunday, 1 February 2015

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The Really Reel Show #36 | Rob Jackson | #NOTradio

After a Week off Sick, I returned to do another Really Reel Show for CCR! This time with Rob from Breakfast!

A Face-Painted for Radio!

In this Episode of "The Really Reel Show" Adam is joined by CCR Breakfast Co-Host Rob Jackson. We discuss all things Lord of the Rings, Being ill, Facepainting and more.
Also more RRS News and plenty of games such as Going in Blind, The Name Game and The Half Time Report.
All This and much more...

I had a lot of fun recording this show with Rob, even though he had a face painted like Bagpuss on steroids! or a Camp Thundercat!.......actually Thundercats was pretty camp weren't it?!......Who fancied that Cat lady?....Bit weird!

He Had his reasons.........

The Really Reel Show with Adam is a comedy/film related radio show brought to you by Chelmsford Community Radio 

Parts of this Show was originally aired on @ChelmsfordCR 
Saturday 31st January 2015

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