Monday, 16 March 2015

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Crowdfunding round-up including Molyneux's Godus meltdown, Kingdom Come: Deliverance & Underworld Ascendant | #NOTplaying #68

A promise from Peter Molyneux is something we've begun to value less and less over the years, yet his child-like optimism can still charm the most cynical of us. This was really put to the test a few week's back in the wake of a couple of press interviews that probably did even more damage than the controversy he was seeking to address. Now with the dust settling, here's our take on the unmitigated disaster, albeit with a few more positive crowd-funding stories for good measure, not least of these being the success of Otherside Entertainment's resurrection of the (Ultima) Underworld series with Underworld Ascendant. We also check in on Shadowrun: Hong Kong and Kingdom Come: Deliverance and finally, in what is essentially a teaser for next week's episode, there's a bit of chat about the recently changed VR landscape and how Valve's recently announced VIVE hardware fits into it...

Molyneux Meltdown

Shadowrun: Hong Kong kickstarter concludes at $1.2m

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 1 year later

Underworld Ascendant - Otherside Entertainment (Made up of ex Looking Glass/Naughty Dog/Bioware/Irrational) want $600,000 to make the next Ultima Underworld game

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