Friday, 13 March 2015

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J-Lo getting short? | #Mashion & #Meauty

J-Lo went out and forgot the rest of her dress!

Where's the Rest of the Dress?

Hold the press! Jennifer Lopez was spotted recently at thing for that American Idol thingy over in the USA. The Latino beauty, who is 45 years old, is showing off that body of hers like a kid at Christmas who just got the first bike on the street. J-Lo made women all over the world throw their dinner at the screens and rush to the gym to get a body like that. 

J-Lo graced the event in, what can only be described as a dress, so short, it's actually just a long (ish) t shirt. J-Lo showed off those youthful legs of hers and reminded every ex she's ever had that she was a catch and you are missing out.... Unless she dumped them...... I don't know.....she could be horrible to live with for all I know. 

Do ladies get jealous of other ladies older than them that have legs like this?

How do you get legs like this?

How is she divorced 3 times?

So what do you think? too much leg? can there ever be too much leg? Should she cover up? should she dress more subtly? Should we tell her the bottom of her dress has fallen off somewhere?

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