Wednesday, 11 March 2015

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Spiderman joins the MCU! | #NOTwatching #40

If there's a bigger and more gratifying piece of movie news this year then 2015 will end up being a fine vintage indeed. When Sony and Disney broke the news that they would be 'co-operating' on the next installment of the Spiderman franchise a few weeks back, you must have heard the whooping from Space. Not only does this save Sony's floundering efforts to create their own 'Cinematic Universe' - it also means that Spidey gets to play with Stark, Rogers, Banner & Co in future Marvel movies, likely starting with the already 'Avengers-like' Civil War in 2016. In this episode, we examine the finer points of the 'deal' and investigate the implications of a post Raimi/McGuire/Webb/Garfield Spiderman franchise...

Spidey can be in MCU now!

Garfield didn't want to come back?

Might be Miles Morales... whoever that is?

More (speculative) casting options

Early candidates for Peter Parker/Miles Morales

Marvel didn't pay a dime to Sony

New Phase 3 release dates to make room for new MCU Spiderman Movie in 2017

More details at /film

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