Monday, 9 March 2015

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Trine 3, GTAV delayed AGAIN(!) & Guitar Hero to return? | #NOTplaying #67

Bit of a rapid-fire news roundup this week, including the BAFTA Game nominations, some delays (GTA V) and cancellations (Shadow Realms RIP), a bunch of new game announcements (Trine 3 & more) and word of an alliance between Telltale and Lionsgate entertainment to create some kind of TV Show/Videogame original crossover IP Hybrid. Who knows what that could end up being? All this and more on an absolutely news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

BAFTA Game Nominations

Bethesda announce first ever E3 Press Conference

New Guitar Hero to be revealed at E3?

Eurogamer has ditched Review Scores

Kotaku to focus on post-release coverage

Planetside 2 Creative Director leaves SOE amidst layoffs/Reorganisation etc.

Just Cause 3 won't have MP out of the box

GTA V Delayed Again to April 14th

Shadow realms cancelled

Gone Home cancelled for Consoles

Assassin's Creed Rogue will come out for PC on 10th March and will support Tobii EyeX Controller

Metal Gear Solid V out 1st September

We Happy Few

New D&D Game coming out from the director and executive producer of Dragon Age: Origins, uses new 5th edition rules

Sub Level Zero

First-person co-op Warhammer game Vermintide sounds like Left 4 Dead

Megaton Rainfall

Trine 3 coming to PC some time in 2015

Telltale secures finance from Lionsgate, Ex EA CEO now aboard, working on new original IP/TV crossover

Fable Legends will be FTP

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