Wednesday, 1 April 2015

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Alien, Bladerunner, Mad Max, Star Wars, Tron, Ghostbusters & are there any more 80s franchises left to reboot/remake/continue? | #NOTwatching #43

It truly is a time of 80s nostalgia as we discuss the implications of Neill Blomkamp's entry into the Alien cinematic universe & Harrison Ford returning for another Bladerunner movie. There's also news of another Tron sequel, following on from the events of the much-maligned Tron: Legacy a few years back, even more Ghostbusters movies and a whole bunch of details on the first standalone Star Wars movie, Rogue One. It's almost like 30 years never happened on this week's #NOTwatching Podcast!

Also please note - we were joined by Marcus for the recording of this show, but due to technical issues his track was unusable. So apologies for the brief running time of this episodes as well as any dodgy edits - a lot of this show ended up on the cutting room floor!

Fox wants to make Neil Blomkamp's Alien Movie

Sigourney Weaver to return as Ripley - 3 & 4 being shitcanned

Harrison Ford confirmed for Blade Runner sequel

Star Wars Standalone Movie is called 'Rogue One' and DEFINITELY DOES star Felicity Jones!

& John Williams isn't doing the music for it

Domhall Gleeson's role in The Force Awakens revealed???

Secret Cinema running Empire Strikes Back

Mad Max get an R rating

Ghostbusters is getting it's own Cinematic Universe

Drew Goddard writing and directing next Spiderman movie

Hawkeye joins Civil War Ensemble

Tron 3 begins production in the autumn

Kevin Smith is making so many movies, including Mallrats 2 now confirmed!

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