Thursday, 2 April 2015

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Getting Any Closer to the Answer? | #Mashion & #Meauty

How far has #Mashion and #Meauty come?

Have I answered my own Question yet?

The original premise of #Mashion and #Meauty has arisen once again. After many years of these series of posts, the whole idea and premise of #Mashion and #Meauty has come from many different angles and viewpoints.
It began with me answering those simple questions about Female Fashion and Beauty in a light hearted manner. I tried to guess what makeup did what and what things such as contouring was. This was my introduction into the world of female beauty blogging and believe it or not, it seemed to do alright. People seemed to enjoy my view point on these things.

I am not an idiot. I know how the make up works and I am aware of how women use makeup and fashion to enhance their appearance. I generally find womens fashion and beauty far more interesting than Men's fashion, because men's fashion and "beauty" is very basic and slightly dull.

After doing the initial posts about learning, I moved into those "Red Carpet" Fashion Police-esque posts which sky rocketed my views. This seemed to be the sort of post people enjoyed. I stuck with this and still, to this day, enjoy doing them because I am open about how much I know about fashion.....Not that much.
Also, along the journey of this series, I have dabbled in a few video's , including Tags and even Leg Waxing / Self Tanning ones, and I have tried to keep it unique and insightful, as well as entertaining. Some of these posts worked, some didn't and some I just felt uncomfortable doing. That is the "so called" beauty of #Mashion I think. The fact it can be a whole lot more than simply a "Guy" chatting about "Girls" shit.
I want to find out "What is so fascinating about Beauty and Fashion amongst these Female Bloggers". This is my main aim and I will continue to find out.

I have done a lot of fun research, talked to hundreds of female bloggers and even tried to put myself in their "shoes" in some ways. I am a creative guy and I can get quite immersed in my ideas. I have gone to Bloggers Events and mingled with other bloggers, mainly female, and got more of a first hand insight in beauty and fashion and "what fascinates women so much, that they need to blog about it so much".
I blog! I podcast! I talk non stop about films and tv sometimes. I understand being passionately interested in things. I understand people being passionately interested in makeup, but I want to know "How?".
How can so many women have so much opinion on the shade of a lipstick? How can a simple Red Lipstick produce thousands of blog posts on it? This is where my intrigue began.

Companies and Brands put on Events to try and connect with bloggers in a way to expand their brand reach. HOT HAIR are a hairpiece company that supply wigs, 3/4 wigs and hair extensions for women (and men) and I was able to see first hand how bloggers react to this and how it can create interest. How can bloggers write passionately about a piece of hair? seriously, These are honest thoughts I had, and my ignorance was blatantly there.
I realised that it isn't a materialistic approach many bloggers have when it comes to these things. I noticed that many bloggers enter areas, such as Hair Extensions/Wigs, with a similar view as me. They too don't see the initial fascination, they see hair hanging from a hanger. It isn't until they try the products that they see how a simple piece of ponytail can really change their look, open up their eyes and really make them love the way they look! Seriously! This happens!

Photo courtesy of Laura at
Some Bloggers I have seen become new fans of Hair pieces are Katie (@katieguilding) and Laura (@Lovedbylaurac) who told me they were amazed and extremely impressed how much a ponytail or a Hair bun extension changed their outlook on these type of products. I have spoken the to man who heads up Hot Hair and his initial aim was to allow women to have an easy way of looking glamourous and different without hassle and at a decent price. It sounded like such a simple premise and it works! Women love convenient, easy to apply beauty.

Laura said she "loved" how quick and simple her hair piece was
I have worn wigs and I have been shocked at how much they can change the way I look and I can see that in the female bloggers who try hair extensions for the first time too. I saw recently that Makeup and Fashion is something that can change the way people look at themselves, give them a lift, inspire them, make them feel confident and in doing so they write passionately about it.
If I was a girl (What do you mean "if"?!) then I reckon I would be such a beauty/fashion addict and be ever so skint 24/7 and in rehab to stop my shopping haul addiction! I would be a high maintenance girl! That is for sure.

I suppose the point of this post is to write about how far #Mashion and #Meauty has evolved and how much I have learnt myself. I never intended to write so many posts in this series, it kind of took on a life of it's own and spun its web into it's own world! I have had to create it's own Twitter, Instagram and even attempted a failed You Tube channel. This is why I love writing! This is why I love Blogging! This is why I love being creative! It isn't about me writing about makeup and giving up my "man card" in the process. This is about me doing something to push and challenge me. This is about me doing something different to make me feel like I am stepping out of my comfort zone. This is about me trying to become a better man in the process.....and I tell you what! It takes a Real man to try and understand the world of female blogging........I know that for sure.

Me becoming Felicity Smoak!
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