Tuesday, 7 April 2015

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Go Back and Watch This | Beetlejuice | #NOTlistening

Go back and watch BEETLEJUICE

A Timeless Classic

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Go Back and Watch this was a segment we used to do on the Podcast "way back when...." and after discarding it to focus on a different format, we decided to bring it back every now and now with the new format!......The Podcast likes to mix it up!

Anyway, Go Back and Watch This or #GBAWT is purely an excuse to sit down and have a quick discussion about a film we love and need to go back and revisit! Whether or not it is a film you have seen  thousand times or a film you have only seen once, it doesn't matter. It is a film we want you to go back and watch for specific reasons.

In Episode 164 of The #NOTlistening Podcast we had a quick discussion about the film "Beetlejuice" and although we spent more time discussing Michael Keaton (You can read the StarWatch Post here) we still urged you to go back and watch it.

Here are 3 reasons why you SHOULD "Go Back and Watch......Beetlejuice"

1. It's Timeless!
A Film from 1989 has never looked that dated. Purely because of the Gothic style and tone it always seemed to be set in a timeless period. Even the clothes didn't seem to out of time. The setting never looks out dated. The whole film has a timeless, almost "ahead of it's time" feel about it. The only thing that hold's it back is the use of Stop Motion....but even then it is better than some CGI I have seen recently.

2. It's a Fucking Family Film!
Apparently so! Beetlejuice is a Family Film. In the UK it has a 15 certificate but I am sure it more of a 12. The film isn't scary or gory and in polls I have seen, it ranks high in the top 50 "family" films. It's 80's "family" film genre. It sits alongside films such as Gremlins, Goonies and Stand By Me. Film's that have swearing in it, graphic scenes and elements that are aimed towards adults BUT are also family films in the sense they are now played on Channel 5 at 2pm! By taking out the few swear words, it seems to get away with being a bit tame

3. It's Fucking AWESOME!
#NuffSaid! I love this film! I consider myself  big film freak and love a variety of genres. I love artsy and pretentious films as well Romantic comedies. I put Beetlejuice in my Top 3 of all time and it will never shift! The blend of Nostalgia and a brilliant story has always stuck with me. Beetlejuice is a film that I have watched more than any other film. I know the script off by heart and I never tire of watching it.

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  1. LOVE Beetlejuice -- can't wait to see what they do with the sequel/remake! For me, the best bit of the film is when they're all sat round the table singing the banana (?) song :D

    Mark | That Gent