Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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Kingsman: The Secret Service, Homefront & Predestination | #NOTwatching #45

On this week's show we catch up on some movies we've seen lately, including Matthew Vaughn's celebration of Roger Moore Era Bond & adaptation of Mark Millar's Graphic Novel, Kingsman: The Secret Service. We also discuss the relative merits of Jason Statham's back catalogue, particularly Homefront, which was originally intended to be a Sly Stallone joint. And then there's the snake eating it's own tail delight of Predestination - all this and more on another movie-packed #NOTwatching Podcast!

Also please note - we were joined by Marcus for the recording of this show, but due to technical issues his track was unusable. So apologies for the brief running time of this episodes as well as any dodgy edits - a lot of this show ended up on the cutting room floor!

Kingsman: The Secret Service



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