Wednesday, 15 April 2015

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MTV Movie Awards 2015 Red Carpet | #Mashion & #Meauty

MTV Movie Awards 2015 Red Carpet Review

Celebs take #Selfies with Normals

The MTV Movie Awards were this week and that means Celebs graced a "red" carpet and showed off their styles.
*I quoted the "red" because it looks like it was actually a blue carpet, but saying "blue" carpet sounds like it's a bit porno*

Now we all get what #Mashion and #Meauty is by now! we? I mean it's "this" guys look at the female fashion and beauty on show. The MTV events are usually more casual, more relaxed in the high fashion stakes. It looks like celebs feel more at ease at these shows and can rock up wearing something from Primark and pull it off as hip and cool. Many famous's like to rock up in clothes that they would wear to a Nandos. I like these events as the celebs wear clothes I recognise. They wear clothes I have seen on the hangers in shops I go to.

So...Let's see what the fuck these celebs wearing shall we?

NO IDEA WHO SHE IS: Some lady, look nice, looks comfortable(ish)! She looks like she is there, but her feet hurts a little bit with those heels and she could easily go back to the hotel room, paid for by MTV, and order  pizza and binge watch some episodes of "Scandal"

KELLY "O": Over the years I have grown to love Kellie Osbourne! People have said I look like her!...........So maybe I like her because I feel a connection to her? Anyway, I want to go and have a drink or ten with her, right now! Kellie! grab your coat and get the drinks in! Let's get "Ozzied"

THE FANTASTIC FOUR CAST: I won't discuss all their outfits because I can't be arsed, but I want to point out how cute Kate Mara looks here! White Dress and pale skin is a big "Yes" from as a fellow pale person myself I like to support my fellow "amoeba" race! #SeThroughPeople

AMBER ROSE: I had to google this lady and apparently she is a "Big" deal. Why? I don't know, nor do I care. All I have heard is, Amber Rose is a "Kim Kardashian-esque" style I right? either way, I hate her attitude in this photo and am not a fan. I ain't got time for that! 

LADY IN BLUE: Some Lady I don't know, but she looks lovely. She looks very pleased to be there. I feel like she turned up mega early and just hung around before the show started. I feel like she was so excited to be invited she brought her dress months before and hasn't taken it off since.

HER WITH THE FACE: Another lady I am unaware of, but her dress is very unique. Did she buy a Green dress and accidentally ruin it? Is this a rush job to fix it by grabbing a bra from the local fetish shop and pinning it together? Do I like it? Fuck yes I do!

AMY SCHO-MOOOOLER: I can't pronounce her name but I love her! She is proper funny and I love that she can turn up wearing my Mum's old carpet as a dress! We used to have this carpet/rug in our hallway. I wondered where it went....glad it got the love and recognition it deserved.

THAT GIRL FROM PITCH PERFECT: She is the girl from Pitch Perfect I fancied the most! Forget Anna Kendrick, I liked this one! She is the one who threw up all the time! The One who looks as if she is actually in her 40's rather than be in her late teens. Anyway, Dress sems son has a bath mat in that pattern.

CARA "The Brows" DELAVIGNE: The girl everyone loves! What is not to love about her? Apparently you can't say anything bad about her because if you did then beauty bloggers and the entire "Trendy" crowd will shave your eyebrows off! 

SCARLETT JOHANSSON: I Love SCARjo but I am not feeling this 1980's jumpsuit that may have fallen off the rack off Olivia Newton John's dressing room. Her hair is too old for her, she looks too old and she doesn't look youthful at all. I am not angry....I am just disappointed.

SOMEBODY: WOW! Love this girl's style! Don't know who she is, but regardless, I love it. I want to go out to a bar and get drunk and dance away like "Thelma and Louise"........Why?.....I dunno I'm drunk!

DIVERGENT GIRL: Fuck Yeah! Love this girl! She's a proper Hippy girl who  couldn't give a shit......Plus she's tall and gorgeous! I have a bit of a crush on her simply because I feel like she could make Jennifer Lawrence fall in love with her!

JLo: Love Jennifer Lopez! The fact this lady has had several kids and still looks "This" good is amazing! Check those Legs out! I mean she is a proper beauty with legs that make you stare at them all day..................sorry what was we saying?

It's a Jlo #selfie

CHARLIE XCX: This is "THE" Outfit! I love this! Is it a Rain Mac? is it a dress? Either way I want to find out what's underneath......hang on that sounds creepy. I mean she looks great! The colours is fun and reminds me of a FAB ice lolly!

It's a Charlie XCX #Selfie
 What do you think? Do you agree with my view?...Do you care? Let me know what outfits you liked.

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