Tuesday, 7 April 2015

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Nintendo going Mobile, NVidia's Titan X & Steven Spielberg to direct Ready Player One? | #NOTplaying #71

Not all that went down at GDC last month had occured when we last recorded, so on this week's show we're catching up on a few of the more technical/development/hardware-related stories that have happened since, including the controversy surrounding Nintendo's recent play for the mobile market, Sony & Valve/HTC's increasing VR profile and the demise of seminal Sim-studio, Maxis. All this and more on another news-packed #NOTplaying Podcast!

Nintendo now making games for mobile devices in Japan

Also announces development of new console, Nx to pacify the west

PS4 update brings button mapping.

Sony Morpheus coming in first half of 2016, new specs confirmed

Oculus says Rift may not launch in 2015

HTC taking Vive on tour

Valve announces Steam Link + prices controller

Steam Machines coming in November - starting at console prices (but with better performance)

Valve is giving the LIGHTHOUSE tech away for free for any hardware manufacturer (LIGHTHOUSE is Valves VR input system)

Nvidia announce new Titan X Videocard

Nvidia announces new Shield 4K streaming console

EA closes Maxis

Shadow of Mordor wins GDC GOTY

SXSW Gaming Award Winners

Ready Player One will be directed by Steven Spielberg

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